Chuck Treece Interview on Magnet

Chuck Treece on Magnet

Our good friend Chuck Treece has a great inter­view on mag​net​magazine​.com. Go read it over at their web­site. Chuck is one of the nicest peo­ple I’ve ever met. I don’t think I’ve ever see the dude with­out a smile on his face. Truly inspi­ra­tional. (Hat tip to Brad for send­ing me the link.)

If you were an avid skate­boarder in Philly through­out the ’80s and ’90s, it’s pretty likely that one of your heroes was Chuck Treece. He became a pro­fes­sional skate­boarder at the age of 20, earn­ing major endorse­ments and trav­el­ling the world for com­pe­ti­tions and exhi­bi­tions. All the while, Treece was devel­op­ing into a musi­cian whose skills and devo­tion have served as an inspi­ra­tion for count­less Philly artists and music lovers over the last 20 years. The jack-​​of-​​all-​​trades musi­cian (Treece plays drums, bass and gui­tar, all with unques­tion­able pro­fi­ciency and pas­sion) boasts a jaw­drop­ping resume that could fill hun­dreds of pages. He played bass on Billy Joel’s “River Of Dreams,” has worked on music for Sting and Amy Grant, slew gui­tar on the first Roots album and has rocked drums for Bad Brains all over Europe and the Goats at Woodstock ‘94. The leg­endary skate punk band that he co-​​founded in 1983, McRad (a name sug­gested by Hüsker Dü bassist Greg Norton), is still going strong, play­ing blis­ter­ing live shows and work­ing on a new record. I caught up with Treece in his Northern Liberties loft, where he was get­ting ready to work on some tracks that just came in from his old friend Santigold. Video after the jump.

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