Green Banana Skateboards

green banana skateboards

Green Banana Skateboards are now available at Nocturnal skateshop. You can also buy them on their website. These things are awesome. Read the press release below.


American trash to American thrash…

The Green Banana Skateboard Company is a small; Veteran owned and operated company based out of Glassboro, New Jersey. The Green Banana Skateboard Company is proud to offer the first and only 100% post consumer recycled plastic skateboard, American trash to American thrash. The shape of the board comes from a custom hand drawn design by myself, James Giberson, skateboarder, owner and operator of The Green Banana. They are inspired by the classic banana board styles of the 70’s, with a modern earth-friendly twist. Super eco and super fun, that is what The Green Banana Skateboard Company is all about, by providing individuals with an alternative source of transportation that not only lessens our carbon emissions, but also promotes a healthy, positive lifestyle.

To learn more go to , pictures, videos and complete board descriptions available, check us out on facebook at fan page, or click on the you tube link below to see The Green Banana Skateboard in action, PEEL WHEELS

For order inquiries or interviews please contact james [at]

Watch the commercial on Youtube.

13 thoughts on “Green Banana Skateboards

  1. never fuck with a green banana.
    on a banana green means slow down,
    yellow means go,
    and red means – where the fuck did you get that banana from?!

  2. Too crazy… Gotta love the creative ideas out there, especially if Wagner is behind it. I gotta ask, why is the banana in the logo yellow?

  3. Thanks Nugget. These boards are fun and the wood boards are responsive. And James is a good friend so I’m backing it. Haters, Save your impotent rage for another thread.

  4. Yeah he has wood boards available in all sizes but the focus has been on the banana boards.

  5. honestly that cruiser shape looks fun. For 30$ to support local, let alone recycled is kinda rad…

  6. Stood on one today…waaaay too squishy for me. it’s a cool idea, but would be better if it wasn’t a complete wet noodle.

  7. The Satori Movement has come to the Green Banana…Satori Wheels are now the exclusive wheel provider for The Green Banana Skateboard Company…

    Looking forward to moving forward…

  8. I understand. But I am just warning anyone that if you are over 150lbs…watch your ass on that thing. It’s a cool idea. But maybe you should mix your green bananas with some plantains or some shit to make it a little stronger.

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