haveboard is going to Maloof!

So, today I received an email that my press cre­den­tials for the Maloof Money Cup in New York this com­ing week­end in NYC are set up. They say this is a live feed, but I don’t think it has changed for days. The Unisphere is still nearby. I guess they moved it.

Check out the com­mer­cial below

Oh yea, this is the 2,100th post on have​board​.com!

6 thoughts on “haveboard is going to Maloof!

  1. I will see you there, just lurk­ing… no press card. :) By the way, the globe was never changed. The spot where the globe is will soon be a work­ing foun­tain, that’s why we can’t skate there any more. The spot where the park is being built is a lit­tle smaller then the globe area was and is another old empty foun­tain but it did not really get skated much. This is what I remem­ber. I have not skated there much since the late 90’s.

  2. That can’t really be the com­mer­cial for Maloof MONEY Cup can it? It was pretty ter­ri­ble. However, I bet the con­test will be a bunch of fun and there will be magic to be seen…Have fun!

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