LOVE Article on PW — Enemy of the Skate

picture_11PW’s cover story dis­cusses the LOVE park issue and even men­tions have​board​.com. I don’t under­stand why print arti­cles that are pub­lished on the web don’t link to web­sites when they men­tion them.

The com­ments going on on that arti­cle are pretty ridicu­lous from both sides of the fence. Everyone seems to be tak­ing igno­rant, biased opin­ions from both sides of the issue.

If any­one has footage of the wed­ding inci­dent in ques­tion or any other police bru­tal­ity instances, get in touch, I’d love to post links or even upload the videos here.

PS: I can’t believe they posted those Phillyboy1213 videos.

19 thoughts on “LOVE Article on PW — Enemy of the Skate

  1. I’m the only one with the wed­ding ince­dent footage! i wont post ! that would put a tar­get on the skaters and ruin things_​FC

  2. Seriously, not again. This debate does not deserve the level of inte­sity that peo­ple bring to it. Love park is just one skatespot. There’s plenty of other shit to skate in the city and else­where. Go out there and find it, or even bet­ter, build it yourself.

  3. Fix! i’m not the only one with footage of that wed­ding i am pretty sure another filmer has footage !

    so much drama is stir­ring up thou
    pw has tons of com­ments

  4. Thank you PW for run­ning garbage and push­ing the real issues under the rug.

    “Skateboarding is ille­gal at love park“
    Of course it is. Skateboarding is ille­gal in ALL of Center City and this topic has been beaten to DEATH.

    Maybe next time you can actu­ally focus on real issues within the walls of LOVE PARK; MURDER, Open air drug trade, vio­lence, abuse of power by the police etc…

    To all the Skateboarders on the mes­sage boards; When you resort to attack­ing the mes­sen­ger instead of the mes­sage itself you have LOST the debate!

    We may be angry and upset but think before you open your mouth. As a skate­boarder YOU are speak­ing for the skate­board­ing com­mu­nity at large. If you can not form a solid argu­ment or opin­ion with out sound­ing like a school yard thug, help in other ways. Record and post evi­dence of these offi­cers and these events. The inter­net and hard evi­dence is a hard act to fol­low. Calling some­one a “cock­sucker” is not.

  5. Skateboarding is not ille­gal in all of cen­ter city, accord­ing to the law (print your­self a copy to keep in your pocket when confronted):


    §10 – 610. Skateboarding, Rollerblading and Bicycling on Public Property. [95]

    (1) No per­son shall use a skate­board in any of the fol­low­ing areas:

    (a) the area bounded by Arch street, Fifteenth street, Broad street, and John F. Kennedy boule­vard (the Municipal Services Building plaza and side­walks); or
    (b) on pub­lic prop­erty unless use of a skate­board on such prop­erty is autho­rized by reg­u­la­tion, ordi­nance or statute, or is oth­er­wise autho­rized by the gov­ern­men­tal agency, depart­ment of com­mis­sion respon­si­ble for such prop­erty. “Public Property” does not include pub­lic roads, high­ways, bicy­cle and/​or skate­board paths, or side­walks abut­ting pri­vate prop­erty. “Public Property” also shall not include Recreation Department facil­i­ties, which facil­i­ties shall be sub­ject to the rules and reg­u­la­tions of the Recreation Department.

    (2) No per­son shall use a skate­board, rollerblades or a bicy­cle on por­tions of pri­vate prop­erty, includ­ing but not lim­ited to out­door plazas, that are ded­i­cated to use by the gen­eral pub­lic, where the owner of such pri­vate prop­erty has posted a notice indi­cat­ing that such activ­ity is pro­hib­ited on that prop­erty pur­suant to the Philadelphia Code and that vio­la­tion of the pro­hi­bi­tion may lead to con­fis­ca­tion and for­fei­ture of skate­boards, rollerblades and bicy­cles used on the property.

    (3) The par­ent of any child under the age of eigh­teen (18) years who vio­lates this Section shall also be in vio­la­tion of this Section.

    (4) Penalties.

    (a) The penalty for a vio­la­tion of this Section shall be a civil penalty of three hun­dred dol­lars ($300), pro­vided that the total amount of civil penal­ties assessed against a child and his or her par­ents shall not exceed a total of three hun­dred dol­lars ($300) based upon each vio­la­tion by the child.

    (b) An addi­tional penalty for a vio­la­tion of this Section shall be for­fei­ture of any skate­board, rollerblade or bicy­cle used in vio­la­tion of this Section, unless it is proven to the Court by a pre­pon­der­ance of the evi­dence that the defen­dant does not own the item and the owner did not or could not have rea­son­ably known that the item would be used in vio­la­tion of this Section. Further the total amount of any penalty assessed for each vio­la­tion, tak­ing into account the value of both the fine and for­fei­ture, shall not exceed three hun­dred dol­lars ($300).
    (5) Enforcement.

    (a) Whenever a police offi­cer has prob­a­ble cause to believe a skate­board, rollerblade or bicy­cle was used or is being used in vio­la­tion of this Section the offi­cer may seize the item.

    (b) Any per­son autho­rized to enforce ordi­nances may issue a ticket to any per­son in vio­la­tion of this sec­tion, pur­suant to the pro­ce­dures set forth in §10 – 1606. Contested charges shall be resolved, fines shall be imposed, and pay­ments shall be col­lected and processed by the Director of Finance and the Bureau of Administrative Adjudication, all pur­suant to the pro­ce­dures set forth in §§10 – 1604 through 10 – 1609. Notwithstanding the fore­go­ing, any per­son to whom a ticket is issued may, within eight (8) days of receipt, pay seventy-​​five ($75) in lieu of con­test­ing the vio­la­tion and in lieu of any other fines or penal­ties. The ticket shall con­tain an appro­pri­ate notice to the recip­i­ent of his or her right not to con­test the vio­la­tion and appro­pri­ate instruc­tions and pro­ce­dures for pay­ment, as pre­scribed by the Director of Finance. Upon timely pay­ment under this sub­sec­tion, the Police Department shall make any item seized under this Section avail­able for return to the offender, pur­suant to the pro­ce­dures estab­lished by the Police Department.

    © The removal of any notice posted pur­suant to sub­sec­tion (2) by any­one other than the owner, or agent of the owner, of the posted prop­erty shall con­sti­tute a sep­a­rate vio­la­tion of this Section.

  6. Although cops are scum, the other guy brings up a good point about name call­ing. The best way to get back at them AND help oth­ers is to edu­cate the pub­lic about what kind of peo­ple cops really are. Otherwise they won’t care if some cop was rough with a kid. They’ll think you did some­thing to deserve it. We hear about bru­tal­ity and exces­sive force issues but did you know how many cops end up in jail for domes­tic vio­lence, sex crimes, lying, and fram­ing inno­cent peo­ple?
    Educate your­self and oth­ers on this issue. Read about it

  7. “When the peo­ple fear their gov­ern­ment, there is tyranny; when the gov­ern­ment fears the peo­ple, there is lib­erty.” — Thomas Jefferson

  8. This site was started by a pho­tog­ra­pher, another group that gets has­sled by cops. Ironic that cops arrest kids for ille­gal skate­board­ing when their broth­ers are the REAL crim­i­nals. What did your indus­try coun­ter­parts do within the last 24 hours?

    http://​car​los​miller​.com/​2​0​0​9​/​0​4​/​1​6​/​c​o​p​s​-​g​o​n​e​-​w​i​l​d​-​a​-​2​4​-​h​our– glimpse-​​at-​​police-​​misconduct-​​in-​​the-​​news/​

  9. some­one sould get obama to speak out on it.. hes hip enough, right? i mean, he wrote out a kids absent note before, hes gotta be down with skate­board­ing at love, right?..

  10. Well you need some­body big to step in but politi­cians gen­er­ally don’t like to rock the boat and police unions have a lot of pull.

    After re-​​reading the PW arti­cle I’m con­cerned. The cap­tain states “We have to tackle them — they think it’s a game. I wish we had more offi­cers to…put an end to this. They’re in the wrong.” Watch out, cause these are fight­ing words.

    Cops are not the bright­est peo­ple. He appar­ently thinks peo­ple skate­board just to tick off police. He doesn’t under­stand that kids are just try­ing to have fun and prac­tice their sport. No, every­thing is about them.

    And it sounds like he’s encour­ag­ing his guys to be even more aggres­sive – he’s marked skaters as a tar­get. Beware, once cops label some­one as bad, they can pretty much do any­thing to them with­out remorse.

    Imho and expe­ri­ence, to gain insight into this men­tal­ity read about these sadists:



    Why explode in anger over some­thing stu­pid? Scratch the sur­face of the atti­tude prob­lem and you might find they have “issues”…


    So be care­ful out there when deal­ing with cops.

  11. I have a feel­ing I may either spend my GSD in New York..skating…or at Love Park, film­ing peo­ple get­ting chased around like animals…

  12. This email is going around:

    Sunday, June 21st, is Go Skateboarding Day, a nation­wide event designed to pro­mote skate­board­ing. In pre­vi­ous years Center City has seen a large influx of skate­board­ers espe­cially in the area of Love Park, East and West Market Streets and in the vicin­ity of Independence Hall dur­ing this cel­e­bra­tion. This event is orga­nized by the International Assocation of Skateboard Companies and is held in cities across the United States.

    The City of Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Police Department are aware of this event and the expected increase in skate­board­ing activ­ity on Sunday.

    Thank you.

    Sent by Stacy Irving to (e-​​mail accounts) through Alert Philadelphia

  13. drove past love park .…you don’t EEEEVEN wanna know where your tax dol­lars went today…

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