Paine’s Park Ground Breaking Ceremony Today

Paine’s Park ground break­ing cer­e­mony was today and have​board​.com was there to “cover the action!” Check out the poorly shot video of the cer­e­mo­nial dig moment below & scroll down the rest of the page to see pho­tos so you can pre­tend like you were there. It was great see­ing every­one that came out!

The sign (seen above) is now fac­ing the road & not the bike path.

Mayor Nutter was not in atten­dance but Councilman Oh iron­i­cally showed up.

The Podium

 The Renderings

 The Dig Spot

Hard Hats. Safety First.

The Speeches!


The Crowd

The Dig!

Post Dig

 The Aftermath

The Random Longboard table?

6 thoughts on “Paine’s Park Ground Breaking Ceremony Today

  1. As much as I have my own old-​​man gripes about the lay­out, I am heart­ened by the rumor that dudes like Peabody and The Gut are on the build­ing crew. Sneak some tranny in for us buds! Also, thanks to Josh and Franklin’s Paine. Whatever com­plaints peo­ple might have, they’re build­ing a skatepark. It might not be the park I’d like to see, but it’s a god­damn skatepark. Thanks everybody.

  2. We totally need to change the design and add a kid­ney bowl… just kid­din’. Does any­body know when the actual hard­scap­ing and pre-​​construction will start?

  3. I stopped up there today. There’s an office trailer now, with some of the big trees marked as to which are stay­ing and which are going. It’s sad to see so many big trees with Xs spray­painted on them, but I know they’re plant­ing a ton more. Shit’s off and running!

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