The Berrics Unified — Pay to Play

unified_membership_planThe Berrics has launch a shop direc­tory called Berrics Unified. Although Berra’s video makes it sound like he is help­ing the lit­tle shops and single-​​handedly sav­ing skate­board­ing, it’s really a sugar coated adver­tis­ing cam­paign. Shops have to PAY to be listed on Berrics Unified. I don’t think that charg­ing for the list­ing is bad, but I feel Berra’s video pitch­ing the new direc­tory is very misleading.

There is an inter­est­ing dis­cus­sion on the Slap Boards as well as a back and forth between Steve Berra and Steve Miller of Exit Skateshop on twitter.

From user dirt­jers on the slap forums:

***this is a mes­sage I received from Steve at Exit in Philly***

The “Berrics Unified” is a new Advertising pro­gram launched by Steve Berra and The Berrics.

If you watched the video, and some how were lead to believe this pro­gram was a way to “Keep shops from clos­ing their doors” or to “Show you who the IMPORTANT skateshops are”. That’s because this is in fact what Steve Berra told you. He did not inform that this is a pro­gram estab­lished to MAKE MONEY, that these are shops who have to PAY to be con­sid­ered impor­tant. Unfortunately for many core (and now con­sid­ered unim­por­tant) shops a new $5280 annual adver­tis­ing bud­get is com­pletely unat­tain­able, because most shops are “out­spent, and out adver­tised by large corporations”.

Berra speaks of con­sumer morals and “The prin­ci­pals skate­board­ing was founded upon” instead of being clear with his audi­ence, and let­ting you know the truth “he is here to take your money”. The only solid truth to be found in this video can be found on your own. We are well aware small skate­board­ing busi­nesses are clos­ing left and right. The strong few who remain strug­gle to sur­vive. The impor­tant shops are not pay­ing for ad space on this web­site… If you want to find the impor­tant shops in your com­mu­nity you need to get out there and find them your­self. This should not be hard. You can find them build­ing PUBLIC parks and spots, throw­ing demo and events, and teach­ing kids the true “prin­ci­pals skate­board­ing was founded upon”.

A scan of the infor­ma­tion and rates sent to shops who filled out an inquiry can be found here http://​tweet​photo​.com/​w​j​t​z​a​pjj. Don’t believe every­thing fed to by an actor read­ing from a teleprompter.

As I have been writ­ing this post, it seems that Berra has deleted most of his responses to Exitskateshop. Below is a screen­shot of Berra’s side, as well as the text, and links to the now deleted tweets.

From @Steve_​Berra:Picture 9

@steve_berra: @ExitSkateshop I guess should stick with the PennySavers and the Yellowpages and actu­ally pay more to reach less peo­ple. Don’t cry.

@steve_berra: @ExitSkateshop I really don’t under­stand pay­ing some­thing that is going to ben­e­fit me either. It makes no sense whatsoever.

@steve_berra: @ExitSkateshop we don’t? I have con­tracts with all my spon­sors, with the bank etc.

@steve_berra: @ExitSkateshop you don’t make money from your shop? You don’t even make sense.

@steve_berra: Wow @ExitSkateshop doesn’t real­ize we worked for 5 months on Berrics uni­fied, try­ing to fig­ure out how to help shops the best way possible

Not deleted now deleted: @steve_berra: @ExitSkateshop I think guys like you are in short sup­ply. You are s much bet­ter per­son than I. Good luck!!

@steve_berra: @ExitSkateshop yes help. When peo­ple buy some­thing like,say, a car, it helps then get to work. The bus helps them get there too. Pretty smpl

From @ExitPhiladelphia (these were back and forth with the posts above):

exitskateshop_twitter@exit­skateshop: So @steve_​berra for­got to men­tion in his speech. Here is the price you have to paid to be “con­sid­ered” a United shop http://​pic​.gd/​d​b​5​f18

@exit­skateshop: @steve_​berra There’s noth­ing wrong with mak­ing money , but don’t pre­tend like your help­ing when in fact you ARE profiting.

@exit­skateshop: @steve_​berra the video is mis­lead­ing and I am curi­ous how many shops inquire with the idea it may be free.

@exit­skateshop: @steve_​berra The video claims that the pro­gram is “so you know who the IMPORTANT skateshops are” not “who the PAYING shops are”

@exit­skateshop: We can’t afford a $5280 adver­tis­ing bud­get because we have already been “out ADVERTISED” does this make us UNIMPORTANT???

@exit­skateshop: lis­ten @steve_​berra We are all skate­board­ers, and for the most part all strug­gling. We do not need bind­ing con­tracts to help each other out

@exit­skateshop: It took ONE post to help shops with Deluxe’s Shop con­nect RT @jimt43 t’s free. It’s sim­ple. It will send kids to skate shops.

@exit­skateshop: yea @steve_​berra you can “help shops the best way pos­si­ble” by pro­vid­ing the same ser­vice for FREE. Deluxe,girl,blkbox etc had no problem

@exit­skateshop: and @steve_​berra we have con­tracts with peo­ple we do “busi­ness” with not peo­ple who “help” each other (as your video claims)

@exit­skateshop: so if @steve_​berra asked me to “help” him move a flat­bar to film a part on should I have him sign a “con­tract”? for $5,280?

@exit­skateshop: yea @steve_​berra I do make money at my shop. Customers see some­thing with a PRICE TAG and buy it. We call it “busi­ness” not “Helping Out”

@exit­skateshop: well @steve_​berra Wouldn’t a sim­ple “Berrics now SELLING ad space” do it? You speak as if sell­ing me a ser­vice is a favor or a Privilege

I like to sup­port both Exit as well as Nocturnal, so please don’t get me wrong in think­ing I’m try­ing to help fuel a local shop war in Philadelphia. I have friends at both shops. Nocturnal is fea­tured on the site as well as in the video. What I would like to see is more trans­parency in The Berrics Unified pro­gram and Steve Berra. The video is very mis­lead­ing. Be more upfront with the audi­ence that the shops listed have PAID to be on that list.

I feel that all shops should at least be allowed to get listed for free, and have the shops that paid get ban­ner ads and shop pro­files and all that other jazz. I hope that this is the case, as the link to the Membership Plan Selection (screen­shot at the begin­ning of this post) is no longer on the main Berrics Unified site how­ever the page still exists. At least I am pretty sure the mem­ber plan page was linked from the main uni­fied page. Please cor­rect me in the com­ments if I’m wrong.

I really do like the Berrics, and would love to get to skate that place one day, but I’ve prob­a­bly ruined any chance of that hap­pen­ing with this post, alone. Hopefully that isn’t the case. Unfortunately I can’t sit back and watch this unfold with­out report­ing on it in hopes of open­ing peo­ples eyes a lit­tle bit to the pol­i­tics that exists in skateboarding.

Once again, I’m not against peo­ple mak­ing money, I’m against mis­lead­ing your audience.

[Update: I added in @exitskateshop’s posts from twit­ter as well, since I know some peo­ple are lazy and won’t go look them up. I’m not going to mix them in the order with @steve_berra’s com­ments, but you can see how this went back and forth.]

[Update 2: I received an email from Berra invit­ing me to call him and talk so I can dis­cuss what the Berrics Unified really is. He did not leave me a num­ber to call him at and I am await­ing a reply. He also deleted the last tweet remain­ing from this whole mess after an appar­ent Phone call/​screaming match between Berra and Miller @Exit.]

119 thoughts on “The Berrics Unified — Pay to Play

  1. If some­one with a slap forum account can post a link to this post in the thread about all this, that would be awesome.

    Slap can’t seem to remem­ber or reset my pass­word. I tried set­ting up a new account and I’m still wait­ing on a con­fir­ma­tion email.

    Anyone at slap read­ing this, HALP!

  2. Skateboarding is divided into to groups com­mer­cial, and core. Because of Money every major com­pany from Disney to Walmart is try­ing to cash in. I believe Nike played a major role in this mess with thier big money con­tracts and over priced shoes. The only thing that could pos­si­ble save core skate­board­ing now is if some other avtiv­ity were to take its place. I give Steve Miller all the credit in the world for stand­ing up to the Berrics and telling it like it is. Unfurtunantly though big busi­ness has a way of shut­ting out the trou­ble makers.

    Gerald McColgan

  3. It cost’s 50$ x 12 = $600 a year to be in The Berrics Unified 600 /​ 365 days = $1.64¢. That sounds prac­ti­cally free to me. At the city level it costs a colos­sal $3.95 per day. People are cry­ing over 400 pen­nies. WOW. If Steve at Exit took drank one less beer a day he could afford this. Does Steve Miller even skate?

  4. The few shops listed as uni­fied appear to have one thing in com­mon. They all sell Berric’s mer­chan­dise. Maybe they take a lit­tle of the $5280 when your an offi­cial Berric’s dealer??

  5. On an unrelated..but related note…Slap forum is absolute bull­shit. Seriously. That is hands down the WORST site to be on. All peo­ple do on there is hate. Worse than any­where else.



  7. Scientology is no joke. Their cre­ator is an alien right? Or is that a touchy taboo sub­ject. Jason Lee too right? Heil Xenu!!!

  8. slap is like the 4chan of skate­board­ing. and think about it, if Ki is call­ing out haters you know some­things wrong.


    but yea slap board hates on berra any chance they get. this whole thing is pretty sus­pect. if they were donat­ing a por­tion of ad rev­enue back into local­ized not-​​for-​​profit skate projects then i might think other wise.

  9. miller is right on this
    what a bunch of bs u can’t pay to be labeled “core” that shit comes with blood, sweat,and tears.look at pops park exit helped that become a real­ity more than any other shop in the area. (other than kinetic cause bren­nan john came out and per­son­ally got his hands dirty on more than one occasion)way to mis­lead the youth , yeah this shop is “core” cause they paid us for that label.…wtf i liked berrics bet­ter when they stuck to help­ing out kids like nick mullins that was right­eous !(even tho a large T fit like a small?)

  10. Obviously some­one on have­board can’t han­dle the truth and cen­sored my com­ment ear­lier. Here it is again pussies.

    It cost’s 50$ x 12 = $600 a year to be in The Berrics Unified 600 /​ 365 days = $1.64¢. That sounds prac­ti­cally free to me. At the city level it costs a colos­sal $3.95 per day. People are cry­ing over 400 pen­nies. WOW.

    If Steve Miller at Exit drank one less beer a day he could afford this and be mar­ket­ing his shop and doing some­thing pro­duc­tive instead of cry­ing! Does Steve Miller even skate or does he take all the money he makes off of skate­board­ing to buy wax for his cock duster right above his upper lip?

  11. I don’t cen­sor com­ments, they go into mod­er­a­tion if it is an unfa­mil­iar email address. I’ve approved your com­ments. Sorry I was up all night and just wak­ing up now to do so.

    I don’t cen­sor com­ments but I do have to mod­er­ate. If you had a com­ment approved from an ip/​email combo, they should go live right away, unless there are more than 2 links.

    The only time I haven’t approved a com­ment is if it was com­pletely off topic.

    Thanks for bust­ing out your jump to con­clu­sions mat this morning.

  12. To address your point, mr Moneyskateboarding​.com/ cen­sored, yes the very basic plan is only $600.

    The big­ger issue is call­ing their lists the impor­tant shops, con­clud­ing that if you don’t pay Steve Berra some­thing, you are unimportant.

    Steve Berra should not try and dis­guise the fact that this is an ad pro­gram with his super dra­matic “I’m help­ing out skate­board­ing” video.

  13. Dear “Censored”

    I know it can be hard to pull your head out of your ass long enough to actu­ally read what’s in front of you, but my issues were not with the price tag, but the lack of one all together in this dra­matic and mis­lead­ing video.

    I was one of the 60+ regional shops that filled out an inquiry under the impres­sion that Steve Berra wanted to do what he claimed and that was to “SHOW WHO THE IMPORTANT SHOPS ARE
    but in real­ity it’s to show who’s will­ing to pay for a level of Importance.

    As to you per­son­ally attack­ing me. Thanks man. I only asked Berra hon­est ques­tions so I could be attacked by his loyal fans. You are right I rarely skate. I made a “mis­take” awhile back by open­ing up a skateshop in my city which has since lead me to a “ter­ri­ble” life of work­ing 7 days a week with no busi­ness part­ner, no finan­cial back­ing, and oh yea no time to do the one thing I love SKATEBOARD. After work you can find me bar tend­ing to pay my bills or form­ing a new non profit to help build more parks in Philly.

    I guess with that being said I am a EASY MAN TO FIND. Your more then wel­come to come talk to me like a man. Hell I will even buy YOU a beer.

  14. So if Johnny Ding Dong Shop of Wheels, who sell every­thing from Razor Scooters, Fruit Boots, Bikes and Skateboards are will­ing or have the abil­ity to pay for the fee will they be deemed “Important”? Is the “Important” shop sup­posed to indi­cate they are the “IT” shop of that in par­tic­u­lar area? “Fuck you, Pay me” or “I want my $2 Dollars”. Sorry, I just like these two in par­tic­u­lar movie quotes.

  15. So it looks like “Censored” is for­mer pro skate­boarder and paid employee of the Berrics Salman Agah. Salman also hap­pens to be the head of the new “Berrics Unified” program.

    If you remem­ber not to long ago Exit helped Salman Agah out with a Release party for his project Skatebook. http://​have​board​.com/​w​p​-​c​o​n​t​e​n​t​/​u​p​l​o​a​d​s​/​m​i​g​r​a​t​e​/​d​i​s​p​l​a​y​/​1​5​0​7​n​e​w​s​_​s​k​a​t​e​b​o​o​k​f​l​y​e​r​1​.​jpg

    If I remem­ber cor­rectly Salman I opened my doors to you bought food, beer, and we played pool all night. Maybe the next round should be on you…

  16. /​\ Nothing lamer than a fake namer. /​\ I saw that vid on the Berrics when they first announced TBU and Miller is right, it is totally mis­lead­ing. I don’t think any­one has a prob­lem with the Berrics mak­ing some bucks on ad sales; just be real about it.

  17. When I first saw the video I blasted it on Twitter proud of what my new favorite web­site was doing for the skate­board busi­ness com­mu­nity. I went and saw Steve at Exit and he showed me how it was a pay to join pro­gram. I am so thank­ful for his insight and balls to talk about it.

    The pro­gram being pay to play is still a great pro­gram, every­one loves The Berrics and its more pop­u­lar then any print mag­a­zine these days. HOWEVER the mes­sage in that video is just flat out wrong. The mes­sage is tak­ing advan­tage of the eco­nomic state of smaller shops and the “back to core” mind­set as a mar­ket­ing angle. You have the abil­ity to give back to skate­board­ing, JUST DO IT! Berra with this, Koston with Nike and then Salman with his slam­ming com­ments on Haveboard is just killing my impres­sion of pro­fes­sional skate­board­ers that were once my idols. This is truly sad. You should have embraced Exit for his insight and began a dia­logue with shops on the issue. Slamming online is totally imma­ture and is proven to NOT WORK.

  18. Are the big name skaters like Berra will­ing to take their prod­uct out of the mall shops to fur­ther this “revolution”?

    BTW, I was psy­ched to see Nocturnal as the sam­ple shop.

  19. Don’t mess with Haveboard and his online detec­tive work!!! Fake haters watch what you say ’round here.

  20. I am pretty sure this is the end of it. I tried to have an edu­cated and respect­ful con­ver­sa­tion and bring up some facts, and Berra felt it was nec­es­sary to delete all his responses to my ques­tions (shady), and decided hav­ing employ­ees talk shit under anony­mous screen names would be the more mature route.

  21. I was fol­lowin the whole twit­ter thing.…. shit was mad inter­est­ing then i hap­pen to watch the video this morn­ing and berra was just mis­lead­ing and hypocritical

  22. How ironic will it be, If Cole wins BATB, and then has to drop half the ten grand or so he gets just to pay Reign’s entry into the berrics united. This is Craziness…

  23. I myself was really hyped on this idea…I blasted it like crazy…Then I saw the price listing…

    Here’s something…how about instead of charg­ing a ridicu­lous amount to list your shop, ask each shop to donate a shop t, or some other shop prod­uct to be raf­fled off for good cause…IE the Nick Mullins fund??? That way, the Berrics does some­thing pos­i­tive in two ways. He’s a skater in need and I’m sure every lit­tle action helps.

    When it comes to the Slap forum…for God sakes…look at it. Nothing but name­less idiots talk­ing shit on there. I won’t check it ever again…and I feel bad for any pro who’s name ends up on it. Slap forum is a breed­ing ground for hatred.

    Where did the unity go?

    Just an idea. Instead of bash­ing Steve Berra or Steve Miller, let’s try to work on meet­ing in the middle.

    The Berrics as a whole is a pos­i­tive in skate­board­ing. The Berrics got me hyped again. Steve Berra and Koston put together an awe­some thing. But it isn’t per­fect. Nothing is. Everyone, includ­ing the Berrics, needs their shirt tails pulled every now and again. Their idea was right, but the exe­cu­tion was all wrong.

    Steve Miller, thank you. Thanks for tak­ing some­thing like Exit, and blow­ing it up again. It could have laid to rest in the Neast and never been more than a memory…But you and your homies saved it. I can see have you (and other small shops) aren’t being given a fair shake.

    Maybe some of those smaller shops, can work together and get some­thing going where it’s a con­gre­ga­tion of sup­port­ing each other. Spreading the word of where kids can shop, other than Zumiez and CCS.

    Alot of times, these kids are just mis­in­formed. You’d be amazed…

  24. Both Berra and Agah are show­ing real kooky qual­i­ties here.

    The Berrics is a PRIVATE SKATEPARK (basi­cally a Country Club for Pro’s and Am’s)… not the sav­iour of skateboarding.

    The web­site has become a mon­ster of drivel-​​like con­tent (videos of pro’s text mes­sag­ing??!) that, at best pro­vides a few good online video clips a month. Stop the insan­ity… go visit 48Blocks​.com.

  25. You’re giv­ing this Berrics Unified list­ing thing too much credit, in my opin­ion. As if being listed would gen­er­ate any kind of mean­ing­ful traf­fic to your shop.

  26. The list­ing will not drive traf­fic to the store. The shops need to han­dle it’s own biz by being a part of the cul­ture and offer a gen­uine expe­ri­ence u can’t get in a mall store. Berra def­i­nitely mis­lead us to believe it was free from the intro video. Lame, but greed has already dil­luted the major­ity of the mag­i­cal world of wood push­ing so we shouldn’t act shocked.

  27. This col­lec­tion of quotes helps me put into per­spec­tive the mean­ing of all this. The Berrics United isn’t just a cam­paign to ’ben­e­fit’ skate­board­ing, it fact seems to be that of a spir­i­tual quest. “For a Scientologist, the final test of any knowl­edge he has gained is, ’did the data and the use of it in life actu­ally improve con­di­tions or didn’t it?’”[83] (L. Ron Hubbard, sci­ence fic­tion author and founder of Dianetics and Scientology) Scientology is based on the idea of the ’Thetan’ or in other terms…“the true iden­tity of a per­son – an intrin­si­cally good, omni­scient, non-​​material core capa­ble of unlim­ited cre­ativ­ity.” Thetans are reborn in a pat­ternistic type fash­ion called ’assump­tion’ or in other words, rein­car­na­tion. The Berrics United is sim­ply a cre­ative out­let towards becom­ing a pos­i­tive, pro­duc­tive and pow­er­ful Thetan! I vote for sep­a­ra­tion of church and skate, let the berrics burnn!!


  29. As my fic­ti­tious user­name sug­gests, Salman Agah is likely behind this crazy adver­tis­ing scam.

    First, Salman failed at Skaterade.

    Then, Salman failed at Icelounge​.com.

    Soon there after, Salman failed at Skatebook​.tv.

    Now, Salman is doing “Biz Dev” for The Berrics?

    Shoot All Skaters? Or, “Shoot All Skateboard Kooks with crazy GET RICH SCHEMES?”

  30. This is the most quotable thread ever. Haveboard was called a pussy by salman agah. miller, wax­ing your cock duster? WTF just hap­pend? Im join­ing sci­en­tol­ogy and open­ing jonny ding dong shop of wheels. Steve Berra and all these hol­ly­wood pros should be gang raped by chimps for being so lame.

  31. Pingback: Berra’s a Kook. « Things I Did When I Was Dead

  32. to be fair, it prob­a­bly costs about 5 grand to put a pic­ture and some text on a web­site… right?

  33. I’m pretty dis­a­pointed if that was actu­ally Salman behind that. I expect a lit­tle more pro­fes­sion­al­ism from cer­tain people.

  34. Most kids shop­ping at a mall store, that are unaware of of the “core” shop down the street don’t know who Steve Berra is. Kids find out about the Berrics from shops not the other way around. Now kids may start find­ing out the Berrics is lame from shops. The Berrics should be pay­ing all the shop sites and blogs that link to and drive traf­fic to their site.

  35. I agree with nugget if any large skate com­pany wants a REAL rev­o­lu­tion they should stop sell­ing there prod­ucts to mall shops as well as johnny ding dongs shop of wheels.

  36. You guys are crazy for hat­ing on Berra like this. The $5280 or what­ever it is obvi­ously is just enough to cover the cost of a $7 domain and the time it takes to put up some info about the shop.

    You’re all being ridiculous…

  37. The Berrics likely costs a lot more to run than plenty of sites. Lets not pre­tend the server resources the Berrics needs is the same as this site or lots of other small scale sites, but the main point here is the IMPORTANT SHOPS are get­ting HELP.

    The pitch implies that this is to help strug­gling shops that are in dan­ger of clos­ing their doors. Those shops aren’t in a posi­tion to buy into these list­ing. Yes there is some over­head to pro­duce ver­i­fied uni­fied shop sig­nage, but to pitch this the way it was is what gives peo­ple a bad taste.

    We all gotta make loot some­how, but don’t give me an econ­omy sob story to sell your ad campaign.

    Help out your local grom who can’t afford a new deck by giv­ing them your used deck when you can instead of telling the lit­tle guy to put up(for a new board) or shut up.

  38. I think every­ones main objec­tion to this was in the deliv­ery. To be con­sid­ered “impor­tant” by the Berrics you have to pay them. It’s like pay­ing to the mob for “pro­tec­tion” Telling kids impor­tant shops will be listed and giv­ing the impres­sion it’s free, then charg­ing shops. Then attack­ing peo­ple that ques­tion it and mak­ing them look too cheap to pay for the ser­vice, when he’s the one talk­ing about shops clos­ing their doors. For the shops truly in the posi­tion he’s talk­ing about that money could be much bet­ter spent on keep­ing prod­uct in stock pay­ing employ­ees or throw­ing one hell of a con­test or demo. Things that would have a direct pos­i­tive impact on local scenes they are sup­pos­edly try­ing to pro­tect.
    If that really was Salman that posted that stuff it was in really bad taste. You could have expressed your opin­ion with­out insult­ing any­one. If Steve at Exit does “wax for his cock duster” he will surely no longer be doing it with over­priced Berrics wax. Way to fur­ther alien­ate the peo­ple our “try­ing to help”.

  39. Every dol­lar you spend is, in effect, your vote on the way you want your world to be. SUPPORT LOCAL SHOPS AND COMPANIES!

  40. The Berrics is a stricly skate­board­ing site. No mat­ter who you are on here, you are not too cool to look have looked at it. The Berrics Unified is a paid sub­scrip­tion ser­vice but The Berrics has been up and run­ning and been paid for 100% out of the pock­ets of Steve Berra and Eric Koston. Two Skateboarders. They have paid for Skateboarders to have jobs, they have paid for skate­board­ers to win con­tests, and they have paid for skate­board­ing to be pub­li­cized all out of their own pock­ets. The Berrics Unified is a way for CORE shops to ADVERTISE on Skateboardings cur­rent largest media out­let for a rea­son­able price. The Berrics Easily could have offered Advertising on The Berrics to Kohls, Target, CCS, Active, or mul­ti­ple other big names that want a piece of skate­board­ing money, but it is offered to Core Skate Brands, and Core Skate Shops.

  41. zach your com­ment isnt totally accu­rate. you talk about how berra isnt offer­ing adver­tis­ing spots to active, but they do. active is one of the biggest mailorders out there killing core shops and they also hap­pen to be one of the few shops on the berrics uni­fied already. berra doesnt really care and thats the prob­lem. its not the fact that hes sell­ing ad space as much as its the fact that he puts on a front like hes sav­ing core shops. and i seri­ously doubt that him and kos­ton pay for those con­tests out of their own pocket. dvs spon­sored that whole game of skate thing, stereo is spon­sor­ing this years and then theres the berrics par­ent com­pany anony­mous con­tent. theyve mar­keted it to a point where theyre get­ting money from com­pa­nies for this shit, which is fine, but dont act like your sav­ing the world or some shit.

  42. How many times do we have to repeat our selves? Unified is a bet­ter then good idea. The Berra video is the ONLY prob­lem we have. C’mon, put out a new hon­est video. That’s all we ask.

  43. pay to place.

    how fuck­ing gay.

    L Ron Hubbards worm rid­den corpse would be stoked to see you try­ing to do a lit­tle pyra­mid schem­ing of your own, Crybaby Berra.

  44. i dont have a local shop in my area all i have are actives and zumiez but i think its bull­shit that steve berra is “sup­port­ing” core skateshops when i can find berrics wax at zumiez which is a totally cor­po­rate “skate shop”

  45. Just viewed the Berrics site, and I favor the Haveboard/​Exit side of the argu­ment. That’s a pretty lame list of core shops; no FTC, no KCDC, and count­less smaller-​​name but REAL shops. How the hell can Berra care about “core” skate­board­ing when it’s a rite of pas­sage for every pimply-​​faced, ecstacy-​​taking, non-​​skating 15 year-​​old to wear an Alien shirt, a brand that is owned by K2. And his shoe com­pany spon­sors motocross bull­shit and makes Ozzy slip­pers. I don’t get the immense pop­u­lar­ity of the Berrics, Thrasher and Crailtap have bet­ter con­tent and Epicly Later’d is way more inter­est­ing than some dumb skatepark mon­tage. I just real­ized I never cared much for Steve Berra; been a long day, had to rant in cyber­space about something.

  46. I dont think this video was meant to fool any­body over the age of 18 which is really sad. berra’s step by step video on how to be a tool was directed at the mil­lion groms log­gin in on the site. Any rea­son­ably intel­li­gent adult could see through this with a few clicks. Lying to kids is pretty low.

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  48. I would like to reit­er­ate that a paid shop list­ing is just fine in my book. It’s the use of the terms “help” and “impor­tant skateshops” when in fact you have to pay for the help and be con­sid­ered important.

    I’m not against a paid adver­tis­ing busi­ness model, it’s the shady pitch that has rubbed peo­ple the wrong way.

    The video is very mis­lead­ing to what the berrics uni­fied actu­ally is.

  49. we should all pool money together, start a fake skateshop and pay for Unified ad space on their site…
    “the Berrics Sucks Skateshop”?

  50. Salman Agah is behind this.

    Trust me.

    Notice how Koston always seems to keep his distance?

  51. Koston shares the name and now rides for Nike after being one of the first behind Lakai, a core skate shoe brand. I love Koston’s skat­ing but I don’t think he cares about core any more. Don’t give him the golden ticket.

  52. Does any­one know if Salman Agah is try­ing to be a Scientologist now?

  53. Just curi­ous where is the stuff Haveboard posted about Agah in the com­ments? Was that removed? I am get­ting con­fused here…

    *UPDATE: ?

  54. I haven’t read all the com­ments. But I wanted to chime in and say that I under­stand Berra’s rea­son for charg­ing and for not telling the con­sumers that he’s charg­ing. It’s none of the consumer’s busi­ness. They don’t need to know that the shops have paid for their list­ing. They just need to know that you’re there to sup­port skat­ing. Shops are ben­e­fit­ing from the traf­fic of the Berrics. It would be cool of Berra to do it for free but the lights and rent don’t get paid that way. I’m sure the shops on there now are not work­ing within the pay struc­ture listed above, but that’s what you get for being a homie. I don’t know what Berra’s plans are here. I’m sure he’s try­ing to blow up his brand. I’d be more wor­ried about that if I was a man­u­fac­ture. Where’s he tak­ing the Berrics prod­ucts? Boards, Clothing,…?

  55. Hey “Just Sayin” maybe you should Just Listen. You started your com­ment with “I haven’t read all the com­ments” well maybe you should.

    It’s not only mis­lead­ing to the cus­tomers but more impor­tantly mis­lead­ing to the SHOPS. From what we have heard tons of shops have inquired about the project, and were shocked to find out the thing cost money.

    Advertising = Good
    Making Money = Good
    Misleading the peo­ple your sup­pose to be help­ing = Bad

    Just Sayin

  56. It costs money, and it costs a lot of money. $5k is a lot for a strug­gling shop to be listed on a web­site. And how much traf­fic are they gonna get from that one list­ing? And how much of that will result in a pur­chase? Those num­bers aren’t too promis­ing. And if it’s true that Zumiez sells Berrics merch, then it’s plain to see that Berra’s got his pri­or­i­ties crooked.

  57. Just Sayin, charg­ing is not what isn’t what peo­ple have a prob­lem with. It is the pitch, and the illu­sion that Berra is “car­ry­ing the cross” for skate­board­ing. Please read the com­ments on this site, as well as oth­ers to have a bet­ter under­stand­ing of what is really going on.

  58. What a scum bag. Hopefully the rev­o­lu­tion Steve’s talk­ing about is a rev­o­lu­tion against his money hun­gry ass.

  59. Steve Berra was born in 1973. Rip City Skates opened in Santa Monica California in 1976 and is still going strong today. It’s not some lame ass “ride shop” it’s a pure skate shop. I would love to see Mr. Berra roll into Rip City and give this video pitch, word for word, in per­son. I can only imag­ine the reac­tion. All of this whin­ing about the worst econ­omy in 26 years, all of the cry­ing about corpo “extreme­ness”. That shop has weath­ered 33 years and sev­eral indus­try cycles and it’s still a fully core shop. What makes a shop truly “impor­tant” has absolutely noth­ing to do with where they adver­tise. Obviously Mr. Berra thinks oth­er­wise. What makes a shop, or any other entity in the skate­board­ing world “impor­tant” is what they do to sup­port skate­board­ing itself, even if it’s the sim­ple act of flow­ing a king­pin to a kid in need who doesn’t have the cash for it on the spot. It’s hard enough to keep their doors open with­out hav­ing to sack up ad rev­enue to pay for the priv­i­lege of being labeled “impor­tant”. I sup­pose that since Mr. Berra is a whop­ping 3 years older than Rip City, he is the ulti­mate author­ity on what is core and what is not, or at least maybe he thinks he is. Wrong. He rode for bird­house, now he “rides” for bur­ton. That’s about all we need to know. Skateboarding is in excel­lent health, it doesn’t need to be med­icated with pyra­mid schemes and pro­pa­ganda. This sort of corpo-​​scientology greed should never be tol­er­ated. Support your local core skate shop, keep the blood flow­ing forever.

  60. I’m just a sin­gle mom who linked up to the Berrics to give her sons some ath­letes they could look up to, emu­late and get them away from the tele­vi­sion. It worked. I also like to keep myself informed about what they are watch­ing. We watched Berra’s video and what my kids got from it was that you should stand up for what you believe in, its okay to dis­agree and help­ing oth­ers is admirable. If his speech included adspace costs and details about the pric­ing, all of that would have been lost. It was my under­stand­ing the Berrics was sup­posed to be a place for kids/​skaters. They don’t need to be exposed to all those finan­cial details, your judge­ments and your crit­i­cism. As they get older they will expe­ri­ence it enough. I think the only mis­take was that Mr. Berra assumed as adults you guys would KNOW that as a busi­ness, they need money to exist, as do you. Obviously, he over­es­ti­mated the intel­li­gence of who he is deal­ing with. All you ladies need to quit bitch­ing and grow-​​up!

  61. Berra is par­o­dy­ing him­self and inten­tion­ally baited these dis­cus­sions… if he was smart (it would only help increase the ungodly amount of traf­fic his site has). I wish that were true. But the fact that it has taken Berra this long to try and mon­e­tize the site just tells me he is prob­a­bly too far into debt from band­width bills.

    Saying the BU show­cases “impor­tant shops” and that his sys­tem checks for “smart and will­ing peo­ple that it is exclud­ing from par­tic­i­pa­tion” .. is com­i­cal and a bit sad at the same time.

    To the shops out there read­ing this:
    Theberrics​.com has an Alexa rank­ing of 3,800, mak­ing it eas­ily the most highly traf­ficked skate­board­ing web­site online — http://​www​.alexa​.com/​s​i​t​e​i​n​f​o​/​t​h​e​b​e​r​r​i​c​s​.​com — this site has more traf­fic than any skate mag, brand or rider site.

    Obviously, if you aren’t sell­ing online… my entire point will be moot but — IMAGINE if you could place a FULL PAGE AD for YOUR SHOP on the most HIGHLY TRAFFICKED skate­board­ing web­site online… and it only cost $5k for the year. If you have any fuck­ing ounce of eCom­merce in your game, do the math:

    (5280/​50) /​ 12 = 8.8
    $50 = Average Skate Shop Sale
    $5280 = Berra Unified Ad Cost
    12 months
    8.8 sales a month is what you would have to make from your ad in order to break even.

    If you can’t make 8 sales a month off an ad that looks like this:

    Hey I hear you, it’s funny to me to, hey it’s strange to me too but we’re talk­ing about prac­tice man, we’re not even talk­ing about the game, when it actu­ally mat­ters, we’re talk­ing about practice.

  62. Can some­one set straight this whole Scientology dis­cus­sion? From the slam­ming com­ments I assume that Berra is a Scientologist? I know he rides fo Alien. Too weird right? It’s funny to me that most reli­gions give away their books of truth and you have to buy your way into the soci­ety of Scientology. Is this off topic? I hope so or this is way too weird for words.

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  64. Mrs. Chaoss69 I think it’s awe­some you have chose skate­board­ing for your kids as an “alter­na­tive” to Television. Unfortunately for some of us we do not have that lux­ury. Skateboarding is not just a “sport” in which we can sit our­selves, and or our kids down and space out and watch “ath­letes”. It’s our career, our liveli­hood, and at this point in time for many of us our only means of survival.

    This video WAS mis­lead­ing the com­mon child/​skater. The video states that shops shown on the berric are the “impor­tant” shops in the com­mu­nity. Money does not buy impor­tance, and I hope your chil­dren one day under­stand that. PLUS as much as you would like to believe this video was to show your kids to “stand up for what you believe in, its okay to dis­agree and help­ing oth­ers is admirable” You are WRONG.

    This video was a recruit­ing video for more shops. I may be wrong, but did the end of the video state “If your a child and think Steve Berra’s awe­some send us a mes­sage.” No it was a video directed towards strug­gling shops who need help.

  65. Most mags have a shop list that show which shops carry their zine, it’s ben­e­fi­cial for both par­ties and I believe it’s free?

    It was obvi­ous (maybe just to me) from the begin­ning of berrics that, as far as their web­site was con­cerned, would become a strong source of ad rev­enue for them. There’s noth­ing wrong with that. But this is dif­fer­ent. Skateboarders are fam­ily and look out for each other. The shops and com­pa­nies and skaters should work together to make this grow prop­erly. This doesn’t help.

    It’s a lit­tle funny bring­ing in the whole sci­en­tol­ogy thing, but it IS rel­e­vant, mak­ing these shops pay indul­gences is silly. And I think you should just say fuck it. $5280? yeah right dude! let me break my tax returns out…shit.

    this is really dis­tant from my rela­tion­ship with skate­board­ing. Steve is in the right. This makes me feel more dis­tant from the west coast than ever. It’s silly. Let them do their thing. Your shops not going to flop because it’s not listed on the berrics.

  66. hehe wow, I did actu­ally think that some­one had pho­to­shopped this pic. But using the “site com­mand” or what­ever you would want to call it, at google (site:http://​www​.berric​suni​fied​.com) I found this:


    Not hid­den or anything

    Also: This is my first post on this site, I really like the­ber­rics and I am going to con­tinue watch­ing their site.

  67. Hey Lars, if you read the post and fol­low the links, you can see where I say ’”Membership Plan Selection” (screen­shot at the begin­ning of this post)’. “Membership Plan Selection” links to http://​www​.berric​suni​fied​.com/​p​l​a​n​-​s​e​l​e​c​t​i​o​n​.​php. No pho­to­shop. I took the screen­shot and linked to the full size for prosperity.

    I like the con­tent on the Berrics and a lot of things the Berrics does. I don’t agree with the video asso­ci­ated with the Berrics Unified.

    The use of the phrases “help­ing out” and “So you know who the impor­tant skateshops are” is what stinks here.

  68. Sorry I didn’t mean to sound as if I was defend­ing them on this thing though.
    (I also was not try­ing to imply that YOU did any pho­to­shop­ping or any­thing). I was just con­fused to see it was real.

    I also apol­o­gize for not read­ing through the whole post, thus avoid­ing this post :P. I agree fully with haveboard

  69. Chaoss69,

    So you’re say­ing this is all our faults for not assum­ing Berra was full of shit? You are incor­rect on that regard too. Most of us sus­pected some­thing was fishy. As an adult I “KNOW” your busi­ness as well – prob­a­bly a Berrics cronie. “69” in the screen name and you resort to sex­ism in the end? Sounds like Agah in drag.

  70. Chaoss69 is NOT a sin­gle mom! I am just assum­ing here but what skate mom thinks like that? Seriously, we are using our real names on here. If you have some­thing to vent on have­board, be real. The big money skate­board world is way more imma­ture then I ever imag­ined. The rumors were true. It’s time for another east coast come back.

  71. The fak­ers com­ment­ing on this thread stand out so clearly. Anyone who has been on have­board for the past few years can totally tell. I can’t wait to see how this all turns out. More then likely it will be swept under the rug.

  72. Nugget
    “Chaoss69 is NOT a sin­gle mom! I am just assum­ing here…”

    We don’t know this. Honestly. Yes it is a bit odd to have 69 in her user­name, but assum­ing any­thing is, well… Ass U Me. Let’s try to keep this respect­ful and not bash any other com­menter per­son­ally. It gets us nowhere.

    Things are still hap­pen­ing and this story is still developing.

    Yes, believe it or not, some peo­ple strongly believe what they say here, whether you agree or dis­agree. I don’t think any­one is a “faker” if they actu­ally buy into all of this.

    Charging for adver­tis­ing is not the main issue here. It is the deliv­ery and devalu­ing of shops that don’t pay into this, whether due to finances, or oppo­si­tion to the program.

  73. Can we con­firm “cen­sored” was actu­ally Salman?

    Somehow, I can never see Ed Templeton get­ting involved in this kind of mess. He’s been around for blah blah blah, and he’s still blah blah blah. I’m just ram­blin’ here. There’s plenty of blah blah, and this is start­ing to sound like that Gorillaz song.

    Fuck it. Time for the East Coast to rise. The Northwest gets my respect, too.

  74. Lemme clear that up before any­body gets con­fused. Nobody insin­u­ated that ET has any­thing to do with it. I’m just say­ing he’s super rad. Alright, enough ass-​​kissery. Fuck you, Head and Shoulders!

  75. The exact same com­ment from “cen­sored” is posted by “lilscraze” on the Slap mes­sage boards, where he once made it clear he was Salman. I sup­pose he could have been an imper­son­ator for a cou­ple of years. If that’s the case, “lilscraze”/“censored” post­ings indi­cate inti­mate knowl­edge of Skatebook includ­ing spe­cific details that only an employee would know (up to and until the begin­ning of this year), then switched alle­giances with Berrics and has offered details that a Berrics employee would know includ­ing, who owns Exit, his phys­i­cal descrip­tion, alco­hol choices and his skate habits.

    I sup­pose I know enough about some friends in the indus­try that I could believ­ably imper­son­ate them online. But that would be an incred­i­ble betrayal, not to men­tion time con­sum­ing. So to answer your ques­tion, “cen­sored” prob­a­bly is Salman but there could also be a very sick man out there pre­tend­ing to be him, albeit, not using Mr. Agah’s name directly.

  76. Regarding censored/​lilscraze, Xenu is on track with point­ing out that this very likely is Salman. There are other things that will be left unsaid as to why I do believe this Anon user is Salman. The IP addresses logged on censored’s com­ment sure don’t help the suspicion.

  77. okay i love skate­board­ing so much, i love the berrics, it gives me stuff to watch every­day, i get to see pro’s doing their thing and what not.
    im 13 years old.
    i went on the berrics, looked at the video and was like in my head“woaaaaaaa this is really going to help out all those shops, steve berra is amaz­ing!“
    I went on SBC and was check­ing out the berrics forum, i saw a quote from the slap forum and the rates from which berra charged.
    fuck­ing speech­less, im so pissed, i’ve read every com­ment you guys have posted on here and your right, it is trick­ing lit­tle kids, and i myself got fooled. it was a douchebag notion and i have lost all my respect for berra at the moment.

  78. My God…people get sooo scared when it comes to opin­ion. They want to say it, but want a way to back out in the end. Stupid. Again…the inter­net breeds cow­ards. Well..Salman may have been the inno­va­tor of switch­stance, but he didn’t have the inno­v­a­tive skills of using a dif­fer­ent com­puter when he talked shit.…go fig­ure. Oh, yeah…Ki Dizzle…you know the name…

  79. is Steve really say­ing that the pro & am
    skaters that pro­vide the con­tent are going to get paid cash? Cool how much and hows that pyra­mid work?

  80. Steve, if you’d just come out and said:

    “hey, the frickin band­width is killing me here…we need sup­port” I think you’d have a lot of shops come on board. Or maybe not.

    To my way of think­ing, the Berrics started out with a “if we build it they will come” as a busi­ness plan. Unfortunately, with the web, that usu­ally takes you down the path of “now that they have arrived, no one wants to pay.”

    I think mostly every­one appre­ci­ates your hard work and the investment…but a lot of skate busi­nesses don’t want to sup­port or can’t sup­port many of the mar­ket­ing efforts out there. That’s just the way it goes.

    Full dis­clo­sure would have worked bet­ter — now you are just get­ting what the CIA calls blowback…

    And one other thing: Steve, you are run­ning into a bit of a slip­pery slope with the state­ments about core vs. mall shops.

    For exam­ple:

    West 49 (Canada’s ver­sion of Zumiez) is in a ton of mall stores…and West 49th sells Berrics gear…

    Then again, most of the indus­try seems to have no prob­lem say­ing how much they appre­ci­ate core shops while at the same time unload­ing mas­sive amounts of prod­uct into mall stores.

    It’s like say­ing you’re just a lit­tle bit pregnant…

  81. I have always been a lit­tle con­fused as to Anonymous Content’s and Active’s involve­ment in the Berrics.
    Anyone know any­more about this con­nec­tion and the cur­rent state of Active’s involvement.

    From Encyclopedia Britannica

    “If you’ve ever been to the Berries site, you’ve prob­a­bly noticed rhe Anonymous Content image on the wall. Anonymous Content is a pro­duc­tion and man­age­ment firm that rep­re­sents, pro­motes, and cre­ates con­tent for clients rang­ing from web­sites to actors to music videos and films. They man­age Steve Berra, who brought up the idea of a site for his park, and together they’ve cre­ated every­thing avail­able from the​ber​rics​.com. Anonymous is also in chaise of pay­roll for the park’s employ­ees. 5. Active Ride Shop is the only spon­sor besides Anonymous tbat has had a Ic^o on the wall. Steve and Erie wanted to have the park be a neu­tral space so every­one can film there with­out feel­ing impinged upon. Active was allowed …”

  82. Chris Cole won BATB 2.…he is unstop­pable. Now he can put that money towards pay­ing for Reign’s ad space..maybe they can deduct it from his check?

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  85. damn i go offline for a week­end and we are over 100 comments?

    the whole reli­gion argu­ment is kinda weak.
    xenu vs. zom­bie jesus? reli­gion argu­ments are dumb cos you cant argue against a per­sons belief struc­ture and mak­ing fun of them is just hit­ting low. however.

    if the berrics were “help­ing out” they would be donat­ing loot to groups pro­vid­ing sup­port for skate­board­ing directly. help­ing out means kick­ing down money for con­crete. help­ing out means rene­gade spots.helping dudes make rent if theyre hurt. the berrics helped out nick mullins and they should get credit for that cos that was a stand up thing to do.

    i may have a dif­fer­ent def­i­n­i­tion of help­ing out, but buy­ing into a “help pro­gram” doesnt sound right.

    this whole thing could blow over by a sim­ple word swap, which is the fun­ni­est thing.

  86. the biggest irony of this whole sit­u­a­tion is that it prob­a­bly gave Exit more expo­sure then pay­ing to be on some shitty adver­tise­ment that no one looks at anyway

    Good job Exit!(not that I think your inten­tions where disingenuous)

  87. You all amuse me. I am a sin­gle mom! and I used that “name” because I use it on all of my accounts. The “69” is in ref­er­ence to the year I was born! I should have real­ized I’m deal­ing with men and that their think­ing ini­ti­ates in the crotch area! You guys have way to much free time. I’m enti­tled to my opin­ion, but from my view, bring­ing up “sci­en­tol­ogy” and what­ever other irrelevent issues just makes you men sound like catty girls. Thank you for post­ing my com­ment but hon­estly, this will be the last time I even look at this site. It’s giv­ing me a migraine from all the BS being thrown around. When I ini­tially read it I thought it would be infor­ma­tive about this video but it’s the com­plete oppo­site. Weird. Happy Thanksgiving!

  88. Cobra, I think it’s safe to say that lots of peo­ple look at The Berrics site. And Chaoss, if I offended you by assum­ing you were a fake poster, sorry about that. I had two rea­sons, not many moms are lurk­ing around this site and fake posts hap­pen pretty much every day. You have to admit your user­name is ask­ing for comments.

  89. Here is one of the biggest things not being talked about. Nocturnal is by no mean Big busi­ness or a large Corp. However the owner of Nocturnal hap­pens to be Kerry Getz. Why should this mat­ter? Well for one he is friends with the Berric’s and has done allot for him in the past. The owner of Exit did not start the dia­log with “OK I know why you are sup­port­ing Nocturnal , What will it take for me to be fea­tured”. No he auto­mat­i­cally took the offended party stance.

    What does an Ad cost in a Magazine? I would say prob­a­bly $3,000 and that is for 1 month. Berra will­ing to give your shop a year of Advertizing on the biggest web­site for skat­ing ever and you think that $5280 is too much?

    Ok so here is the argu­ment that Berra makes it sound in his video that the pro­gram is there to help Skate shops, but does not men­tion the cost?

    Please Berra needs to make money as well and its clear the Owner of Exit is using his “We can­not afford as much as noc­tur­nal, you won’t help us” as a ploy to get adver­tis­ing by being the small guy. You want to see through some­thing . see through that guy because pre­tend­ing to be a vic­tim here is see through. Nothing in life is free and for the price of 2 months worth of Magazine Ad’s Berra is will­ing to put your shop on blast for the entire skate world to see.

    My opin­ion he is help­ing the lit­tle guy.

  90. I guess chaos69er wasn’t aware Berra or Jason Lee is a sci­en­tol­o­gist. Oh well, this site is for skate­board­ers not their moth­ers. I look at The Berrics for the skate­board­ing not as a bill­board. Congrats to Cole, SOTY per­haps? If not Busenitz?

  91. ter­rance, your opin­ion is that steve berra is help­ing the lit­tle guy? The Berra video is the biggest piece of garbage i’ve seen in a long time. that is until i read your opin­ion. Berra and all those fools have been sell­ing prod­uct place­ment mar­ket­ing to gatorade from the begin­ning. Oh hey eric Koston is that a case of deli­cious gatorade in your trunk. Product place­ment mar­ket­ing is so fuckin beat because it has to be scripted in. OK so eric pulls up and pops the trunk and thats when berra coments on how much he loves drink­ing it.…… So “core” of the berrics to offer it to gatorade first. i won­der if he made a COMPLETELY MISLEADING video for the cor­prate big wigs at gatorade. I bet not. he prob­a­bly just quoted them a price. I guess he saves those dra­matic videos for the core shops and the peo­ple he needs to mis­lead the most. Any body who skates for them­selves should be bummed. ter­rance, i dont know you but read this whole post again then watch the video, if you still have the same wacky opin­ion then i guess your a douche.

  92. “you want to see through some­thing see through that guy because pre­tend­ing to be a vic­tim on here is see through” Well put doc­tor douche. Im offended when peo­ple mis­lead me.

  93. On Wednesday the Berrics put up a new video that explains in great detail the break­down of how the Unified Program works. Thank you. That was ALL we were ask­ing for. To all those moms out there that think kids don’t care about money and how it works in skate­board­ing, sorry as it turns out the Berrics do care what they think.

    If Steve at Exit mak­ing a huge stink about the last video had some­thing to do with this video update, great. Us skaters do have to revolt and be heard to get things done. I think it is only a tes­ta­ment to how impor­tant the big­ger pic­ture still is to many skaters and skaters in the indus­try alike.

    Oh and Koston, thank you for that sweet mes­sage at the end. It warmed my hol­i­day heart.

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