Volunteers Needed for Paine’s Park Project Event

Here is your chance to contribute the helping Philly get closer to breaking ground on Paine’s Park.

I’m throwing a party for Paine’s Park on Saturday, June 28th from 9pm – 1am down at Urban Outfitter’s private space in the Naval Yard. Party of the year, believe it – carnival style.

We need volunteers for the night of to help work the event. If you’re down, holler at me.

Mini-ramp, Nocturnal street set-up, moonbounce, sumo suits, firetwirlers, yah mos def, rocktits, broadzilla, free beer, art by shepard fairey, adam wallacavage, blah blah blah…

thenorso AT gmail.com

If you are interested, please get in touch with Nick, and don’t blow up the comments with some nonesense, or asking the questions you should be sending to him.

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