Skate Book in Philly this friday

A message from Steve @ Exit about Skate Book:

What’s going on Friends?

I just wanted to give everyone a heads up and let you know about the awesome event Exit has going on this Friday the 25th. Skateboarding legend Salman Agah, and special guests will be in town to promote, and release the latest issue of “The Skatebook” series. We will be hosting a meet, and greet, and signing from 6 – 10 p.m. Free Food, and Booze all night, and the first 100 guest receive a free copy of the hardback book. Come hang out, shoot some pool, bbq some food, and drink some brews with all the homies. Hope To see everyone there.

Here is a small blurb about the project, and a flyer for the event is attached for all blast emails and such.

“Our goal is to use this publication to promote skateboarding as a whole, and for you to do the same. features historical skateboarding content, much of which has never been published, as well as current profiles of skaters, events, brands, etc. skatebook captures what’s happening now, as well as reflecting upon what happened in the past. The book and features are intended to be timeless, unlike magazines which are often thrown away after a couple of reads. The thoughts and perspectives expressed in the book are those of the skaters, industry leaders and groundbreaking individuals themselves; there is no editor’s slant to skatebook. In fact, there is very little text at all. The legendary photos and quotes speak for themselves. skatebook’s format as a 350+ page photo essay-style book allows advertising brands a unique platform to present their message without having to compete with editorial. We hope that skatebook becomes a cherished collector’s item and that it spreads our passion and appreciation for skateboarding throughout the world.”

Steve Miller
Exit Philadelphia

9 thoughts on “Skate Book in Philly this friday

  1. Cool, a nerdfest for sure! Does anyone know Salman any more? He was such a switch master in his time, yet he gets no credit from the tech dudes.

  2. In his time? Dude still crushes it hard, skated with the guy a couple of years back and he rips harder now. Its the magazines and videos that suck and dont show the diversity and originators/ innovators. Salman is a Bad Bad Man for sure. Much respect. I rememer him being in Philly back in like 93-94 and skating opposite-footed the whole time i saw him. Hey kids, dont forget to thank the guy when you see him at Exit for pretty much giving you switch stance, along with Gonz, Andy Howell, Fred Gall, Matt Reason, and Pepe Martinez. To name a few.

  3. How did it go? I wanted to get one of those books soo bad….but I couldn’t make it…anyone want to sell me one?? I got that guap!!

  4. didn’t see that coming… here comes the whole following fifty posts about how I don’t support this, and I don’t show up for that….come on….get some new shit going…your ryhmes is old….

  5. Everything you talk about is tired, Ki. We’ll come with some new shit when you do. Pot, meet kettle.

  6. props to my homie Scuba for copping me a skate book. he said the event was pretty awesome..

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