Buy a Hover Board

12 thoughts on “Buy a Hover Board

  1. 30,000 for a prop? ugh… I think I might have to make one for Halloween and sell it for $100 when i’m done.

  2. haveboard is so 90’s. when are you gonna change the name to

  3. Kinda looks like it says HAVEBOARD on the board itself.. Should photoshop it and make a tee shirt..It would be soo tight.

  4. Skinny, I think you are on to something, here. I need to get up with awesome dudes printing and see about getting these made.

  5. I think it’s pretty funny that the makers of Barbie agreed to be the creators of the future ride. That board looks like an 8 year old girls toy.

  6. So you like the idea of a t-shirt huh…Word..Hope you make them….save me a size XL…

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