New Wordpress Site is Live

Welcome to, now powered by wordpress. You can now post much longer comments, like you know you love to do. Anyone that has ever had a login to this site should have a user account set up and an option to reset your password. Just go to the URL you had previously to login and you will be redirected. Get in touch if you run into any problems.

All the old URLs redirect to there new pages, where the title is now part of the url! Exciting nerdy stuff, here. There isn’t much different from this and the old version on the face of it all. I hope this move will encourage more people to post, as well as make it easier for me to add new users. If you are interested in writing on this site, you should let me know as well.

If you notice anything messed up, please let me know. I will be adding more features and a better archive soon, but in the meantime you can use the page numbers at teh bottom to navigate through posts.

10 thoughts on “New WordPress Site is Live

  1. Bill, I set up redirects for the old feeds and now running off of feedburner. I just refreshed the feed in google reader and the new post about the warehouse jam showed up so I’m guessing I redirected everything correctly.

    I still have to recreate the itunes feed, but have to play around with video uploads some more.

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