Warehouse Jam and Totally Deck Release Party

17 thoughts on “Warehouse Jam and Totally Deck Release Party

  1. Sounds good, but it seems like it should go on later. We all know that party ain’t ending at 8 o’clock.

  2. I’m sure (and hope) we’ll party much later. But since we’re having bands we’ll be trying to get the live music over with before dark as to keep up good neighbor relations. But by all means, skate as late as you like!

  3. george, i ‘totally’ agree. ‘Stalefish’ bar&grill&skatepark coming soon to a hipster neighborhood near you. Then we can start to franchise that Mah-fucker.

  4. Stalefish! Sick name. It’s way better then max fish, only stale. Jon, I love the way your site update looks on my iPhone.

  5. Andy, why are you running IE? It is so junk. There is a separate mobile version for iPhones, and I’m trying to get it working for the G1 and other mobile devices. In the meantime, download firefox for FREE and I’ll bet most sites you look at will render so much better.

    Is there and IE mobile browser? You don’t need an iPhone to get a better browser.


  6. Bunch of nerds, talkin’ about phones and web browsers on the party link. haha. Yo, we’re gonna build some fun street stuff the day of the event. Getting started with building around 11 a.m. if you want to help.

  7. We’re gonna build it in my parent’s driveway back in Jersey just to keep it real.

    Yeah, we’ll be building stuff to skate for the warehouse party at the warehouse.

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