There is already an iPhone app for skatespots

picture_22Maybe once a week I have someone suggesting that I build an iPhone app for a skate spot directory. I’ve never wanted to be in the positionof telling people where spots are. Spots are coveted within skateboard circles and I don’t want to be the one organizing the spot directory and risk pissing off someone for blowing up their favorite low-key spot.

That being said, I finally decided that I need to post about an iPhone app that is already out there, because I also assumed someone else had already done one. Well sure enough, there is iSkateboard for $2.99.

7 thoughts on “There is already an iPhone app for skatespots

  1. Yeah, i’ve had this app for a while. It sorta has spots most people know about. I feel the same way you do about it Jon, you don’t want to be the guy who blows out all the spots. So much can be done with the iPhone, but should it be done? And having people tell you to make this app is like some one telling a song writer a story and saying, “why don’t you write a song about it?” Do it your self man…

  2. i think they serve a purpose especially for the traveling skater. i think it comes down to common sense and self editing. throw the general spots up there that are relatively known and no bust.

    though there is the part of me that wants it to be a site as well that has crowd control so that new spot you found doesnt get blown up.

  3. I too have been approached multiple times about this kind of app. I never thought it would be cool as a database of skatespots, but more of a social geo-targeted thing where if I was going out to skate I could look and see where other people are skating at any given time around the city. So say I was going to skate the warehouse I could check and see that a bunch of people were skating it, maybe that would make me want to go there more or maybe I would see that steven and anthony were having a snake sesh with each other and I could save myself the buzzkill and go skate somewhere else. Either way if done properly I could see the usefulness of it. anyway secret spots are lame.

  4. Skate spots are like girlfriends,
    you shouldn’t share them with anyone.

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