Go Skateboarding day,Philadelphia 09


44,foreigner,semi illegal,skater? photographer?

16 thoughts on “Go Skateboarding day,Philadelphia 09

  1. I waxed a fresh curb, skated it. Then I skated that little bowl over in Levitown. Good times, no cops. So what went down in Philly? The pics are sick but no story…

  2. I went to a skatepark ’round my place. I learned roll-out-roll-ins on these a-ramps with coping, and I have this new thing where I jump up on a ledge for a second, with my board rolling underneath me. All kinds’a new shit. Skateboarding kicks ass.

  3. I skate everyday so Go skate day is just a made up event that gives most young kids a excuse to go down to the city..(speaking of the kids that never skate the city ever other than on this day)

    i bruised my heel thats about it

  4. Look at those fucking pigs with that skateboard. Those dudes straight work for the devil. They will die a horrific death for sure…..

  5. if your a true skater, everyday is go skate day. go skate day was started by Emerica / Sole Tech. Its really just the first day of summer, or in this case fathers day. It’s just a made up idea so that packs of kids will go skate thru the streets with crack heads like andrew reynolds in shameless self promo events, only to make little kids buy their product.

  6. I find that if most days are go-skate-day, rather than every day, you’ll skate better. Rest is important, too. Skateboarding kicks ass.

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