Fox News, more moronic than ever

picture_23Skate Daily posted up this Fox News article about Tony Hawk skating the White House that has me really annoyed. Apparently skateboarding in the White House is nothing new. See below:


Amazing that in today’s struggles, 4 urethane wheels rolling on a tile floor can cause political alarm. News shows want quotes. Distraction?

Tony Hawk


@tonyhawk When I went a couple of years ago, I brought my board in too, secret service told me to skate, I did… Didn’t twitter it though.

Bob Burnquist

13 thoughts on “Fox News, more moronic than ever

  1. Greg Gutfield is a fucking douchebag. His last sentence in his article reads “If you disagree with me, then you sir are worse than Hitler.” WHAT AN ASSHOLE. I hope his punk-ass gets fuckin fired from Fox’s half-assed political analysis team. Assholes.

  2. Dude whatever, that comment of his really just pissed me off. Figured I’d share.

  3. This dude is such a piece of shit that he doesn’t even deserve the time it takes to post a comment expect for this comment pointing out how much of a piece of shit he is.

  4. Seen on twitter:

    RT @nominated @tonyhawk Appropriate that you meet the President Tony. He’s done a 180 on so many issues since the election.

    And Greg Gutfield obviously doesn’t know much about Tony Hawk. He should do some research before making mindless commentary.

  5. Who the fuck is this idiot calling Tony Hawk, “ Some Jackass”, or insulting an entire generation of young people? Tony Hawk and his many foundations help thousands of young people each day by building parks, donating gear, conducting skate clinics, and most importantly giving them hope. I’m sick and tired of these stuffed suits, and know it all news commentators putting us down. Seriously when are they going to learn that we are more than just baggy jean, and backward hat wearing skaters? We are strong, free, and capable of thinking on our own, and without their bias influences. If anything the news media and politicians should go and hide in shame and stop trying to make us look bad for their mistakes,and his Real World comment, what a fucking joke. More inappropriate shit has gone on in the White House than all the Real World episodes combined. Try reporting the truth hypocrite!

    Hey! Greg Gutfield. I’ll go round for round with you, and show you and the rest of the world who the real jackasses are!

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