Noc Back To School Skate Jam Saturday @ Rizzo

5 thoughts on “Noc Back To School Skate Jam Saturday @ Rizzo

  1. I don’t mean to hate on Noc jams… I just hope this event is in a larger area than the crammed street right near Noc where anyone who thinks they’re everyone tries to get their tricks on goes to. Again, Noc does their thing and props to ’em, but hopefully they will open up the space so you can actually skate.

  2. It was fun. Rizzo Rink has buttery ground. I just left there about an hour ago and it was still poppin off. Lots of space..

  3. Oh nice! Glad to hear that. Again, Noc throws down some great stuff for the Philly skate scene and I wish them the best. Happy to see they’ve opened things up so it’s not so packed for the “make it or break it” crowd. Probably the only issue i’ve personally found with their events. Rock on Noc.

  4. Yeah , it was actually super mellow this time. There was a section where kids were skating the ramps and boxes and another where people were chillin & playing games of SKATE. Maldonado was there. Papa big snaps..that made it worth going right there.

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