Kalis Interview on Slap


The Josh Kalis Interview is up on Slap. They polled slap readers for questions and did the interview over video chat.

Picture 9Cool stuff but I don’t think the final posted video needed to be 720px by 480px considering how grainy and low quality footage from a video chat is. There are a lot of things I don’t understand about what Slap does with their site, though. Regardless, slap always comes through with some good content. I guesss it is just the presentation that is my only issue.

He even addresses the beef between him and Ricky, which is interesting. Glad to here is was some B.S. and was squashed.

Picture 7It also looks like they pulled the video clips from youtube.

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  1. Wow, I have a lot of respect for Kalis for putting him self out there like that. Those were good answers too. Slap is pulling some next level stuff with this type of content, like true news “on the spot” journalism.

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