Willy Santos and the Birdhouse Team were at the Warehouse

willy_hbLast Sunday, the Birdhouse team was in town. After seeing @willysantos post on twitter that they (Birdhouse Team) were on the way to FDR to brave the cold and hope it was dry, I shot him a message asking if they would like to check out the warehouse. They were already with a keyholder, so I cruised down there when they were finished at FDR and got a little session in before the Phillies game.

John Rob Moore is the only one with footage from the team, and it is a half make and a slam. I didn’t want to poach footage since they were filming and shooting photos. All I’m saying is, I can’t wait to see Willy‘s sequence and footage get published and in a video. It was real sick!

bart_jones_homelessBart Jones (Skateboard Mag Photog.) provided quite an interesting soundtrack for the evening session. I was feelin’ it! That dude seems like a real fun dude to hang out with and have on the session.

featuring: Willy Santos (and his bruised elbow), John Rob Moore, Brad Hoffman, Scott Kmiec, Jesse Clayton, & Ryan De La Cruz

[qt:/wp-content/uploads/big_videos/willy_at_the_warehouse.mov 480 360]

Watch it on youtube.

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  1. Bart Jones! I went to Woodward when I was 17, and I was in that dude’s cabin. He’s rad as all hell. Wish I’d known he was in Philly.

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