Dan Hetrich – Backside Disaster


Shredded and shot photos in Philly for 90% of the 00 years. Now in Pittsburgh.

48 thoughts on “Dan Hetrich – Backside Disaster

  1. ABD a few times now. but its all good, its hard to do. Cant hate on that. Front Ds are harder on that thing and thats usually the other way around. Nice photo though.

  2. Nice foto- except for the blurry grass in the foreground that gives you a headache if you look at the shot for more than a second.

  3. bummerouterdude/ejsnodgrass/whatever other net alter ego, that try WAS a bail but dan landed it two trys before that. right before you got there i believe. my photo ethics are that if the trick was landed, any take is fair game. that shot came out the best so that’s the one i posted. easy peesey japanesey.

  4. Wow, people are actually hating on haveboard… big surprise. No offense to Jon or any of the positive vibe writers on here. Rad pic man. I just want to know where it is so I can get my shred on. I want to get my own short list of tricks on it and post them for everyone to see and at my age weight and ability, all tricks are ABD. Haveboard is for lovers. :)

  5. 8th & Poplar. GO to the Triangle ledges and walk under the bridge, it’s on the right. THere’s a little ledge down there too. THe projects are across the street, but they don’t really care.

  6. All good, Other Rob Reid,
    your secret is with me,
    no one else needs to know he didn’t make it.
    nudge nudge – wink wink ;)

  7. That place rules!!
    I was skating there the other night
    and grinded over the doorway and that little Mexi-kid gave me a Highfive!!……..Oh wait,,….
    that was just just a dream. I must have been dreaming I was skating the Channel St. skatepark in San Pedro.
    Then i woke up and realized
    I am stuck in Shithole S. Philly
    like a rat in a maze, skating poorly planned out, Hail mary style construction,Rushed by unrealistic deadlines for holidays etc.
    complete with sand traps, dilapidated,unmaintained, too much Philly pride to re do things that don’t work, and well below today’s standard of skateparks.

    ps- Why don’t I leave? you say?
    Can’t afford to!

  8. Wow ILL, your ILL. All those cities you love so much sucked until someone did something about it. To a lot of people the Philly scene is growing again. Sorry your broke man. It’s funny cause even bums live in the city they want to. Start collecting scrap metal and get that bus ticket outta here!

  9. Huska, I’ll shoot the photo if you want to slash grind that thing. Still gnarly, Cool photo btw. Mitch, shit or get off the pot. Theres plenty here to skate and its on the upswing. Besides have you seen all the footage thats been surfacing of Love park the last year or so. Get it in…

  10. ILLMITCH are you comparing a barrier spot that some homies poured with extra crete from a pops pour to world class skate parks? Yea ill say your dreaming as well as being a bitch. Boo hoo loser

  11. Do me a favor and plan out a really good skate park. Then go hire a company to build it. While the rest of us are getting shit done you are still dreaming. Our fault for trying to do something that will benefit a bummer ass dude like you.

  12. I look at it as ANYTHING is always better than nothing. Last year, that barrier was JUST a barrier. Last year, POP’s was..(was that a basketball court?)..anyways. No one cared about either spot.

    People are breathing life into places where there was none. Laughs and good times are being had. High fives are being slapped..Sessions are had…memories are made. You can’t knock that.

  13. go look at pops on google street view. shit was useless before jesse turned it into a banging ass skatepark

  14. I had a Nightmare i was skating uphill, trying way too hard for tricks with very minimal payoff, And little satisfaction. Oh wait…I just realized I was awake….. and skating FDR!!!

  15. Actually the spot featured in the above photo is in my opinion,
    the best thing to skate in area!
    I think it has great potential!!
    oh but wait, Mark’RED’Scott lives in Oregon.
    Oh well.

  16. Wow, your good at dropping names. Do you chill on the regular with Mark’RED’Scott? Have you ever been to Oregon? Why don’t you use some of your pull with these skate park heavy hitters and get them to build here in Philly? What’s that? The sounds of crickets? Thought so. Many people in Philly have pride and our skate scene took a beating since 2000. We are slowly coming back and you take the time to dog on a thread that is a local skating a locals only spot? Like school on a sunday, you’ve got no class.

  17. I just noticed all the wall-ride marks on the pillar to the left of the barrier. Anyone know the story behind those?

  18. Bitching doesn’t get things done but being endlessly sunny and defensive about admittedly flawed shit doesn’t make things better either. We all know skating FDR makes you dick bigger but it’s still a shame that nothing built in the last 5 years besides the mexi wall is worth skating. Complain away. (Jesse and Pop’s get a free pass for any shortcomings – it’s a great first project, something new, and I’m sure lessons were learned about lines and when less might be more)

  19. Just so you all know, there is a troll posting under multiple names and shit talking on many of the threads on haveboard.com recently. I am not sure who it is but they seem to love the attention and drama they are creating on here and won’t respond to my emails. Thanks to all the true heads on here that make things happen and speak there mind, not hiding behind their computer. The real heads post as themselves and you can easily continue conversations from here with them in real life. Lurkers can suck it.

  20. Giving away free passes to guys that traveled into the city to build a park for you is sorta insulting. Those guys should get some green for the work they did or perhaps even a golden ticket! I know for a fact that the crew involved is growing and getting organized to take on more projects. I challenge anyone, ANYONE, who has some good design ideas to post them here and lets get a design battle going. Lots of talk, no show. Lets see it!!! Posting pics of already existing parks that someone else built does not count. If you actually tried to design this stuff and or build it you would understand.

  21. all i can say is til you’ve built terrain better than stuff you’re bitchin about that what you are, A BIG CRY BABY FAGGOT BITCH.!!

  22. Nick Zeeg knows the story behind some of those wall ride marks and it wasn’t Maldonado. (Not saying Mike didn’t do that, I just know someone else has done it aside from him.)

  23. Renegade crete is cheaper than one would think. Two dollars for a bag of Quikrete? You bet your ass. Now there’s no excuse to wait.

  24. You’re a pussy, Gary.

    This is Scott Kmiec. I think most know that Easy equals that. Just so no one thinks I’m hiding.

    Just because YOU can’t skate it doesn’t mean it’s not skateable.

    Example: I can’t skate ledges, stairs and handrails (any more). This does not mean they’re not skateable.

    Class dismissed.

  25. dude… please tell people that fdr and pops sucks… that means theres less bitchy people in the way of our lines.

  26. Ki Dizzle = Ki Realer…..that’s me all day. Props to Scott for stating his case and putting his gov’t name out there. People DO act like bitches and hide behind dumb screen names. ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COMES TO SHIT TALKING.

    When it comes to someone getting “a pass”…Gary, who the FUCK made you the hall monitor?? Gary, I don’t know you, but I can already tell I don’t like you. You ain’t callin no shots on my watch. I’m sure you ain’t shit. And that stands on Haveboard and face to face. Until you have done ANYTHING to help, your opinion means less than shit.

    People have some nerve. I dont and CANT skate FDR, but that’s tight that they have their own scene going on there. You gotta respect that. Flawed or not, it must not suck too damn bad for all the shit that’s gone down there.

    Pop’s Sucks? Says fucking who? And if it sucks so bad…don’t go. Or, take some time out of bitching on here, and BUILD SOMETHING.

    There is no perfect spot. A spot is what you make of it. Props to anyone that has kept the Philly scene from going to complete shit.

    Do work!

  27. I cant believe people have the balls to talk shit on the philly skate scene. If they had a clue, they would have been down at pops helping me mix cement for the ledges i built or the afro i constructed from my own skills and hard work. Not bitching about how a spot might suck….DIY is the mod o to getting things done in philly and i know im fucking proud to say that i am involved with one of the best groups of guys and girls building park and skate spaces in the city i love. Quit bitchin and start BUILDING….

  28. Girls skate? LOL! Just kidding. I wish I saw more chicks rolling around getting gnarly at pops. I’ve only seen a few local 11 year olds on scooters. Oh well. Sorry to get off the bitching track with this thread.

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