Skate Deck Art Show at Slingluff Gallery

GW04found via club mumble. I know these deck art shows are kind of played out a bit but when done right it is pretty awesome. anyways. info from club mumble below:

Saturday night in Philadelphia, stop Slingluff for the third installment of Good Wood, a silent auction of art on skate decks to benefit Stay True. The show features over 15 different artists, including Leo Espinosa, Mike Burdick and Don Kilpatrick plus a special installation piece by AJ Fosik. It all goes down at 6pm at the Slingluff Gallery, 11 W. Girard Ave in scenic Fishtown. Beer+art+benefit=no brainer so brave the coming rain and check out what’s good.

STAY TRUE is a non-profit organization based in Philadelphia dedicated to offering under-privileged, at-risk youth the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to become powerful agents of social/political change in their communities.

added by haveboard:
I received an email about this from Andrew today and also added an image to this post. The show is on display until November 1st. Gallery hours: Thurs-Sat 3-8p & Sun 12-4p.

Slingluff Gallery hosts the third installment of the lovable skate deck show we dubbed Good Wood, three years ago. Since the first show in Detroit the show has taken on all sorts of new good & the kind that really counts. There is an online auction where you can bid on the work to benefit the organization Stay True.

The show features over 20 different artists, including Leo Espinosa, Mike BurdickDon KilpatrickVince TroiaJames Noellert, and Dave Flaugher plus a special installation piece by AJ Fosik.

Click here to visit the online auction and support Stay True.

Thank you!

Andrew Davis

Also note, there is a Hover Board in the window of the exhibit. You know you can purchase a Haveboard – Hover Board T-Shirt and support, right?

5 thoughts on “Skate Deck Art Show at Slingluff Gallery

  1. So weird, you started off putting down the art show then you are put off by skaters not talking about the show. Good vibes make good times. An image for this post may also draw more readers.

  2. i have failed by my new years resolution and that is to think more before speaking. i back this skate deck art show. i didnt mean for it to sound like i was hating. i wouldnt have posted other wise.

    “Don’t care what they may say
    We got that attitude!
    Don’t care what they may do
    We got that attitude!

    Hey, we got that P.M.A.!”
    -Bad Brains.

  3. I appreciate the help with promotion either way Jim! Also, appreciate the concern nugget.

    I’ve stated in the past the show is by no means a new idea, but i do believe a bit of a different take on skate deck exhibitions.

    You can link where people may view images from the show and can be linked to the online auction.


  4. I gotta get up there and see the show before it comes down! Finn, see the hover board? You didn’t make that did you? Sweet!!!

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