Fritz Wallrides the Pillar from the barrier

19 thoughts on “Fritz Wallrides the Pillar from the barrier

  1. shit was sick. i didnt see it but i heard maldonado did a wallride on the part of the pillar parallel to the face of the barrier. either way is sick though

  2. Who is the mother fucker that 360 wall rode the warehouse extension that shit is fucking insane…

  3. Chris Clark!!!, I don’t see any 180’s on the extension. Are you talking about the alley-oop over the tooth on the wall? That’s Fritz, and yes he sure does kill it.

  4. I really like this barrier spot, it’s the perfect little rainy day set-up. Cheers to peco and b-rad for seeing the potential and getting their hands dirty. I’m not sure who built the ledge recently but that thing is proper. The little strips of metal between the angle-iron make such a difference. anyone else have footy to share?

  5. Rory if your talking about the ledges at pops i layed the brick Jesse and i finished the concrete and Nick Swazzo is the metal man

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