Exit’s SuPreme Phillies Tee

If you aren’t aware, haveboard.com HQ is in Philadelphia. If you are in Philly, whether you like baseball or not, you are probably aware that the Phillies are the defending World Fucking Champions of baseball. They are up against the New York Yankees and last night Cliff Lee did an amazing job on the mound, making it look easy.

Exit Skateshop will have a new t-shirt available tonight (graphic above) available tonight, with a nice little dig on New York! Good stuff, fellas! Hold me a large!

Update: These are being printed now and should be in the shop by 7pm. 825 N. 2nd St., Philadelphia, PA, 19123, just down south of standard tap on 2nd street.

If you would like one shipped to you, call the shop at 215.425.2450 and order one for $18 plus shipping.

Update 2: @jimshreds posted a pic of the actual tee’s:


11 thoughts on “Exit’s SuPreme Phillies Tee

  1. Does that have some kind of tie-in with Supreme skateshoppe? MLB championship no longer equates world champions. Baseball’s huge in Japan, and like everything else, the Japanese do it better.

  2. haveboard, no offense (i am from philly, born and raised for 13 years of my life) but this is very disappointing and unoriginal. countless brands have ripped and turned the supreme logo into something unoriginal. i wish exit skate shop would have thought better since they are a great shop in philly.

    and disclaimer: the guns as the r in the logo is a supreme logo they did sometime ago for a shirt. so that may guy is not trying to act tough.

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