Willy Akers graces skatedaily.net

willy_skatedailyBest dude and friend of haveboard.com, Willy Akers has graced skatedaily.net with their weekly photo. Here is another amazing skateboarder who always keeps the session hyped, smiling the entire time. “Fun Skate” is an understatement for Willy.

November, 1st 2009
Inspirational Fun
The words painted on the bank next to Willy Akers accurately sum up what skating holds for most of us.
Fun is where you find it. Don’t retire it.

Photo by Lee Bender

Thanks to Brad for the heads up.

8 thoughts on “Willy Akers graces skatedaily.net

  1. uh….who doesn’t love Willy Akers? He get’s the session hyped like when they put the new chicken in the window at KFC right when you’re about to order.

  2. Man, only met that dude a few times at Pops, but anybody who shreds that hard after riding their bike to the skatepark is forever RAD DUDE STATUS in my book. Always been super friendly/good vibe-having as well.

  3. Willy is the man! I don’t know if I’ve ever met a more genuinely nice person than Willy. ROCK ON DUDE!

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