Wenning Updated at 48Blocks

48Blocks has a nice catch up with Brian Wenning. I know more than a few people have been wondering what has been up with this dude. Glad to see he didn’t step off the board and hope to see him rolling around Philly soon.

Photo Credit: Ryan Gee

photo: Gee

8 thoughts on “Wenning Updated at 48Blocks

  1. Interesting… the footage is still on the transworld site, but they removed the interview and comments (that basically trashed Plan B & Syndrom Dist). They must of called threatening to pull Ads.

  2. There is no google cache of the TWS interview either, but they changed the title on TWS from “Brian Wenning: Unseen Footage & Unheard Words” to “Brian Wenning: Unseen Footage”. Marks.

    Oh the irony of taking out “Unheard Words”

    Props to @48blocks for keeping it real.

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