Did you lose/leave your skateboard at FDR?

Post in the comments the description of the board, and when you left it and I will get you in touch with who has it. Use a real email address when you comment. It won’t be shared, other than with the person who found your board. There are good people out there, believe it or not.

4 thoughts on “Did you lose/leave your skateboard at FDR?

  1. On the lost and found tip, did anyone lose a Phillies hat at Pat Kerr SP on August 1st. Correct description of hat and you it’s yours again.

  2. Yes! Neon green Zorlac Metallica deck, pink griptape. 3/4 inch risers, one stipple pattern Rannalli truck, one Tracker ultralight with coper. Purple OJIIs. Yellow lapper, one black rail one orange one. 2 pieces of Rip Grip. Left it there in 1986.

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