Wenning’s Unheard Words are Unheard on Transworld

Picture 13It seems like Transworld Skateboarding pulled an interview with Brian Wenning they had on their site yesterday. Fortunately, as Jim posted yesterday, 48 Blocks keeps it real with their own exclusive interview which likely touches on all the same stuff I can only guess TWS’s advertisers weren’t too happy about, hence the interview on their site has been pulled.

This all was pointed out on twitter today:

48blocks: LOL at Transworld running their Wenning interview the same day we ran ours, then pulling the words a day later. Wonder who called them?

Tweetskate: .@48blocks is the interview that got pulled from TWS the same as the one I’m reading now on your site, or different?

48blocks: @tweetskate No we did our own interview independently of Transworld.

Tweetskate: .@48blocks @kitunesunheard words” is ironically still in the TWS URL. to @transworldskate -> http://bit.ly/Q4jPM

skateboarding.transworld.net/features/brian-wenning-unseen-footage-unheard-words/ now redirects to skateboarding.transworld.net/features/brian-wenning-unseen-footage/. Thought we wouldn’t notice? How long until you think they fix the page title?

Tweetskate: Am I surprised @transworldskate hasn’t responded about their Wenning interview disappearing? Nope. Are they listening? Yup.

Tweetskate: cont. @transworldskate URL fixed, but page title still has “unheard words” in it: http://yfrog.com/09ddvzj

Picture 10

Tweetskate: Google it! Time Warner must have pull to get the cached removed though! http://yfrog.com/3tfindj

Picture 11

For those unaware of Google Cache, it basically is a copy of a web page saved on google’s servers to help speed up it’s searches. You can usually view a google cached page even if the site owner changes the content of their page. It eventually will update with the site owners changes, but having no google cache of this page from yesterday seems a bit odd to me.

It would be nice if big companies (TWS is owned by Time Warner) would be honest and come right out and say why they removed something instead of removing content and not responding to their audience. I’ve tried to explain this to previous employers, but the big business mentality is very difficult to speak to, hence their inability to speak to their audiences honestly. When you try and hide something on the internet, you tend to make things worse off for yourself in teh long run. See: The Streisand_effect.

Anyway, peep the video because all drama aside, Wenning still kills it.

[UPDATE: DailySesh found a link to the interview that was taken down. Check out the short version and the long version. Thanks!]

[UPDATE 2: The long version is the same as the 48blocks interview.]

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  1. I finally took the time to watch that video and read the 38 blocks interview. Wow. What a real dude. I always saw him as quiet and doing his own thing. As it turns out the quiet ones are smarter and have more heart. Some business gossip in that interview could ruin larger companies, as it should.

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