Justin Berry at Falls Park

10 thoughts on “Justin Berry at Falls Park

  1. Justin has always been down for skateboarding since I met him years ago. He’s helped me alot with advice and support. I’m really hyped that Reign has taken off the way it has. Running a shop is hard, so I’m really hyped he found time to get a few clips..gotta show some love!!

  2. I heard Skate Wave has a recycled plastic bowl coming out next year…they might put one at FDR..

  3. I’m not backing recycled plastic at FDR. I just hope you were kidding… I like hearing my trucks grinding something.

  4. Haha. I was kidding. I’d love to see the looks on the locs faces if they DID try some shit like that. The only recycled plastic I should ever see at FDR is an empty Wawa Iced T container.

  5. If they put somesing like that at the park, it would be gutted, rebarred, and encased in crete faster than you can say teenage colostomy.

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