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Picture 3Yesterday was Thanksgiving and I am definitely thankful for helping stir the pot a little with the Berrics Unified program along with many others, such as the Slap Boards and You Will Soon. I am also thankful to see that Berra has posted “More About the Berrics Unified“. (If you aren’t familiar with what this post is about, please watch the first video about the Berrics Unified here and also read the original post I made about it here.)

A few quotes made in the new video that I am also thankful for include:

“Are we charging shops to be a part of the Unified? Yes, we have to… – Steve Berra”


“Does it make the shop near your house any less important if you don’t see them in the Berrics Unified? No, not at all. – Steve Berra”

Thank you , Mr. Steve Berra. I don’t think any of this would have blown up had these points been made clear from the beginning. The fact that this video explicitly states that this is an Advertising program makes me happy. Not once in the original video was Unified called an Advertising Program.

I’m glad you explained what Geo Targeted Advertising is, because although I know what it is and that your program would be doing that, I do believe many did not.

It is also worth noting the following statement made in the video:

“It’s not like we hate the big retail store. We don’t. – Steve Berra”

The Canteen is expanding and there is a montage of the team (Canteen United) up on the Berrics today. Good stuff, as well as a good bunch of riders. You can watch all that and make your own opinions as to what the Canteen is expanding to be on your own.

Things have apparently been going strong over on the Slap post about this topic, however. Even though Berra didn’t have the time or energy to speak to me about this after he emailed me initially, he does have the energy to create an account over on the Slap Boards under the name Celebrity Centre where he has been defending his program as well as admitting Salman made the personal attacks and also attempting to defend them:

“Salman used the term cock duster to refer to a mustache. I guess cock duster must be Canadian for “faggot” or something esle haneusly homophobic instead of a goofy mustache term like it is in English. Watson’s a dipshit for pretending to be offended by it. He writes a shitty little blog he wishes he could charge advertising for. – Steve Berra”

Really? We are suppose to believe that he doesn’t think “Cock Duster” is referring to a moustache and sucking dick? If someone calls a male’s moustache a “Cock Duster“, they are saying they suck dick. I can’t believe I just had to spell that out on here.

I’m pretty sure from the way Celebrity Centre is writing (even still today) on the Slap Boards that this is Berra, as many of his comments on Slap were identical to statements made in his reply to me about everything, although he said the statements were for me and not for my website. Apparently Berra thinks my previous post was ‘dubious’. Oh well.

I am not making any attacks on sexuality OR religion, for the record. Yes, people commenting here and elsewhere have made such comments. It is unfortunate. It’s also unfortunate that he chose the name “Celebrity Centre” (see wikipedia) for the Slap Boards and when someone on Slap pointed it out, Berra replied:

“I chose my screen name to beat you cowards to the punch. I knew once I went against the Slap grain you’d resort to personal cheap shots anyway.”

I’m honestly exhausted with this whole ordeal and am glad to see You Will Soon breaking down this new video even further. Big ups to You Will Soon for also getting featured in the new Skateboard Mag.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Koston ends the new video with this little tidbit:

“And if you’re not into our shit, go fuck your face. -Eric Koston”

Picture 2

Thanks, Frosty. I really appreciate that. You’re a class act.

[Update: Berra is not posting on the Slap Boards. Someone is apparently posting pretending to be him. That is really pathetic. Steve Berra, I am publicly apologizing for being fooled by this. Just further proof that some kids on the Slap Boards are the worst. I guess I should be glad I can’t get my password reset over there.]

29 thoughts on “Berrics Unified, Clarified

  1. Thanks haveboard for having the balls to open the site up to comments on this issue and then this follow up. It’s great that skaters can have an impact by speaking up. Thanks Berrics for trying to set the record straight. Too bad our one time skate heros are turning out to be such insensitive jerks. It’s offical, skateboarding as we once have known it, is dead.

  2. Ok…i thought he straightened it all out…is everyone still mad at him? (just asking..confused…but asking)

  3. OK let me try and explain a couple important issues.

    I originally made public statements regarding the first “unified” video, because I felt the message was misleading and lacking certain key facts. As a member of the group in which this program was initially created to help (small struggling skate shops) I felt my concerns were relevant. As a small business owner our day to day battles are hard enough, but to feel “unimportant” based on our inability or refusal to advertise on a certain website is ridiculous. After several back and forth both publicly and privately Steve Berra provided the necessary information to the public (and I applaud him for that)

    My problem was not with the program itself, but the way it was feed to the public. I never wanted to launch a “hate campaign” directed towards Berra. Everyone is entitled to their options, but personal attacks have absolutely no grounds in this argument. Religion, race, sexual preference, or ones amazing mustache and fondness of a cold beer had nothing to do with the video or peoples reactions to it.

    I will say I know for an absolute fact the person posting as “Celebrity Centre” on the slap boards is NOT Steve Berra. Internet drama can get gnar, and sometimes be taken overboard, but to post claiming to be someone that you are not in hopes to destroy their career and (already questionable) public image is fucked beyond all belief.

    In the end i guess the truth is you can find real skateboarders riding skateboards. You can find “important” shops in the streets, educating kids, and keeping the scene alive, and you can find people who have something to say… Saying it straight up. No fake names or anonymous bs. Now go skate

  4. Terrance O’Brian & Lucas’s comments on the previous “Berrics” post have merit. Thanks for posting. I appreciate.

    It seems like Steve Exit put the last nail in the coffin on this subject, but i’d just like to offer these two thoughts:

    First, re: “geotargeted advertising” — anybody can add their businesses information to google maps for free, and this information would show up in “google local” searches. it could be safe to say that google maps gets more traffic than the berrics does. that’s an assumption, of course.

    Second, if the berrics dropped a google ad unit on their site it could (potentially) pay for the server(s) — and services — that they need to improve the site’s performance, and they wouldn’t need to charge for this ‘service’.

    IMO – The ‘low end’ for Berrics Unified should cost zero. nothing. nada.


  5. good job guys. gettin the truth out there. not lettin them tell the whole stroy like every POLITICIAN out there. problem is too many of the pros have got so used to havin money they became what they hated, THE MAN!!

  6. I said this before, and I gladly say it again. SLAP MESSAGE BOARD IS THE WORST SITE EVER IN SKATEBOARDING. A breeding ground for hatred, and a haven for pussies. True dat, thought u knew dat….

  7. why doesn’t everybody stop crying about berra everything has a cost so get over it. He’s offering something to skate shops he’s not making anybody sign up just putting his idea out there. Instead of bitching about the berrics go skate isn’t that what skaters do?

  8. Hey Miller, now I see why you’re such a dick to people who come into your store! It’s because you’re exhausted from fighting with Berric all day. Shame on Berric for making you so angry that you can’t even focus on being slightly interested or polite to your clientele. Oh wait…..this all just happened and you’ve been a dick since your shop moved to 2nd. I guess I’ll continue buying all my kicks from Noc.

  9. Hoodat, that’s not productive. Props to Miller, Berra, Koston, Haveboard, Nugget, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, Aberdeen, New York, soccer moms, that poodle at my work, things, and kombucha tea. Let’s go skate.

  10. Hoodat At least your supporting a shop like Noc. I really wish I could make your shopping experience more enjoyable, but it’s hard when you post under an anonymous name. Way to get your point across.

  11. Does Berrics Unified really save skateshops from being “outspent and out-advertised by mall stores with deep pockets and empty history”?

    Let’s examine the membership chart. The Basic plan consists only of a shop profile page at $50/month. At $600 per year, this is purely a listing with no banner ads. Your shop will also have less visibility as more shops sign up.

    The next plan is “City”, which, in a addition to geo-targeted banner impressions, you’ll get a Field Ops profile for only $1440 up front. There’s one for The Armory in Costa Mesa in my region. Seems like a good deal for a new shop. However, the pricing is graduated–this tends to favor shops in large cities.

    The other wider-ranging plans, from State to Region, seem antithetical to the goal of addressing the “war” against small shops. I suppose if I visit an aunt in Lunn Haven, FL, I might drop money on “Xtremely Board” from seeing a Berrics ad, but what sort of criteria determines the honor of being considered? It seems that a chain store like Utility in Southern California could certainly outspend and out-advertise local shops through this very program. None of the pricing here is tiered either. California shops pay the same as Wyoming despite housing 69 times the population.

    The most expensive and expansive 2-Region $5280/year plan seems like the most economical deal–a little more than double the State price will give you a 36 state (Midwest/East) advertising base. Why would a local shop want to advertise in 85% of the United States? This clearly favors retailers with a significant web presence like Active, CCS and Utility (they’re already signed up). While some of these web-based shops might be legit, I still do not see the promised benefit to the little guy.

    Another benefit to Berrics Unified shops is the ability to sell Berrics-exclusive product. Many companies already sell exclusive product to shops without membership fees. If Unified shops, in turn, sell Berrics gear on the web, how does that affect exclusivity? I’m not saying this isn’t a good deal for some shops, I just do not see how this deviates from the status quo.

  12. Damage control video was commendable. I still wouldn’t trust anything that these people have to say. If you put out a video meant to mislead people, get called out, then make a follow up video to make good, your still the same pile that made the first video. nuf said, now ill go fuck my face cause i dont like that shit.

  13. The hate spreading around about this one issue is widely inappropriate. The world is now watching skateboarding. We can try to set a better example.

  14. The first video was not for shop guys, it was for KIDS/CONSUMERS that DONT NEED to know the price to advertise somewhere. Any educated person should realize that advertisements cost money. The initial video however had certain statements in it that were said wrong, and could be interpreted very differently then they were possible intended.

    The second video clarified alot of things that people had problems with, both big and small retailers. The Koston remark is funny, and true. If your not into dont watch it. Noone is forcing you to look at the berrics.

    And Honestly go ride a skateboard, internet banter is wack. If this whole thing didnt concern my business, I would be skateboarding.

  15. “I really wish I could make your shopping experience more enjoyable, but it’s hard when you post under an anonymous name. Way to get your point across.”

    I’m not sure if this is sarcasm or a veiled threat. In any case, even if I did leave you my real name (Jacob Hill), what difference would it make? And how are you going to make my shopping experience more enjoyable?

  16. I don’t think Steve Miller is a dick. Not intentionally..He’s just from Philly…cut him some slack. Sometimes we just can’t help it.

  17. Support your local skate scene. Everybody is selling something but if you Have to buy, buy it local. You know where the shops are and who runs them and what they carry. If you Need to find your local skate shop, google it. Not rocket science. Hating is much harder to do in person.

  18. Zach, the first video was address to everyone that watches the Berrics. Both kids and shops. It invited shops to contact them if they would like to be in the Berrics Unified. It did not in any way make it to be understood as an advertising program. The new video definitely clarified that.

    I post things on here on occasion that have to do with the industry. I apologize if that affects your business.

    I know that no one is forcing me to watch the Berrics. I do like a lot of stuff that comes from the Berrics but I also encourage skateboarders to think for themselves by posting about things happening within the industry. This encourages people to not just be spoon feed what they here from the most “highly trafficked website in skateboarding”.

    Internet banter is wack, but just because I run a website about skateboarding and encourage conversation about it doesn’t mean I’m not also out there riding my skateboard.

    I’ve updated this post, as Berra is not the person posting on Slap. I apologize for being duped by trolls on the Slap Board and once again thank Steve Berra for his follow up video clarifying what the Berrics Unified really is.

  19. actually berra was posting as celebrity_centre. the call out that the account was fake, was a bait and switch. a move to divert attention away from the facts at hand and a means to have the slap kids follow the piper and argue about more silly shit.

    zach, yeah, people make fun of your business, get over it. if the berrics really is so successful, why dwell on a few people who ask questions.

    haveboard, i really like the site. i really do. good job and keep up the good work with this place.

  20. How hard will it be for another web developer / skater to create a “skate shop directory” that does not list mall shops? This topic is so dry it’s starting to burn my eyes.

  21. Wow I thought most of us lived in the real world and knew that money didn’t grow on trees. I applaud Steve for what he is doing. He is providing a service and expecting to be paid for it just like any other company out there. Everyone hates on Berra, Koston, Sheckler and Dyrdek becasue they sold out. If Nike came to you and said we will give you x dollars to rep our product don’t tell me you wouldn’t. Money Talks Bullshit Walks. You need to eat and support your family the best way you can and that is what they are doing. Besides it cost money to keep the berrics open and the site up. It’s not all free you jackasses.

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