Bethlehem Skateplaza needs help – City attempting to reallocate funds

bethlehem_skateplaza@homebase610 has brought to our attention a really shady situation in regards to the funding that has been raised for the Bethlehem Skateplaza in Bethlehem, PA.

At TONIGHT’s City Council meeting, 7pm in the Rotunda Building between City Hall and the Bethlehem Library, a member of council wants to purpose that all the funds that have been allocated to the Bethlehem Skateplaza and other “non-essential” projects go into a savings account for a rainy day.

I’m not saying that saving for a rainy day in this economy isn’t a prudent thing to do BUT:

1) There are NO CITY TAX dollars going to the Bethlehem Skateplaza

2) The grant money that we raised for the Bethlehem Skateplaza was SPECIFICALLY awarded to the City for the Bethlehem Skateplaza and The Greenway due to the grant writing done by the Parks Department.

3) Members of the state came down and were shown the location of the skateplaza, told about the partnership between the community and the City being built through the skateplaza andwere impressed by our design so the state/federal money was award to our project- not a savings account.

4)  The rest of the funding for the Bethlehem Skateplaza is being raised through solicited sponsorships and donations by corporate companies, local business and the community- NOT CITY TAX DOLLARS

HomeBase is located at 14 west 4th street, bethlehem, pa. The park looks like it would be rad and would be a shame if a lot of peoples hard work got re-purposed for a “rainy day”.


11 thoughts on “Bethlehem Skateplaza needs help – City attempting to reallocate funds

  1. Speaking of reallocating, what happened to the funds raised for our river park? Could it be they went to other parks built recently in our general vicinity?

  2. Thanks for the link George. Says funds are 75% raised for the river park. Maybe some of the companies reaping benefits from our lifestyle can help fit the bill for the other 25%? What about DC? DVS, Alien Workshop… They were willing to give 5 million for Love park or was that just when Kalis lived here. I know they have their own site but people read and actually communicate on here. I was beginning to think that OUR park was a lost cause. Pop’s is dope but downtown needs a park or two too.

  3. just so everyone knows, this did NOT go through. it was a 5 to 2 vote against the amendment on the budget. SO, this means skatepark is right on track and hoping to break ground VERY soon.

  4. Way to go Mike and your crew in Bethlehem! How did it go down? Did a lot of skaters show up? Eric, I wish I had some information about the Philadelphia park. I wish everyone had a good update. In fact, the trade show would be a great time for us all to be updated.

  5. about 30 or so skateboarders and supporters met up at homebase skateshop, had cardboard signs to carry and rolled to the meeting in force. it was pretty cool to hear about 5 skateboarders speak, then get followed by the head of police BACKING the park, and some other local residents backing it. its nice to say we won one! keep your eyes peeled for updates, this is really going to be an amazing plaza. go to the website for details-

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