Summer 2006 Chris Yourgalite B/S Stalefish FDR

16 thoughts on “Summer 2006 Chris Yourgalite B/S Stalefish FDR

  1. where has he been? i herd he stopped skating after JR passed. Chris get back out there! As ur first half black president i demand it!

  2. If I had a friend with that last name, his nickname would forever be “Yogurt.” That being said, this picture is sick.

  3. Used to skate this kid jr’s ramp back in schwenksvillle, pa. Yourgalite would show up now and then and make me realize i would never be good at skating, chris has so much natural talent, so sick.

  4. i’m pretty sure chris didn’t care what trucks he was riding when he did this. knowing him, he probably borrowed this board off someone and just started ripping. the only dude i know that could do double kickflip 360 flips. i watched this dude try to three flip the love gap one day like it was a manhole cover, somehow he just would catch em and run out without loosing arm or limb. one of the most powerful individuals ever on a skateboard. if the world coulda seen the footy and photos this dude copped in his prime,,,phewww!!! another case of skateboarding coulda, woulda, shoulda.
    be easy chris

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