Spot on Premiere – April 2nd at Exit

spot on video by phil gushueA new site is up for Phil Gushue’s video “Spot On” is premeiring at Exit Skateshop on April 2nd featuring Pat Bryan, Brian Mollot, Kyle Frederick, Brendan Terry, Jesse Clayton, Bill Pierce, and an all star cast of friends. The video will premiere at 8:30 and 9:30pm. Cost: $3 (about the cost of a beer).

13 thoughts on “Spot on Premiere – April 2nd at Exit

  1. Holy crap, more then 1 day notice for a skateboarding event!?! Awesome! Now me and all my business owning, wife having, children raising brothers can be there! Color me there.

  2. isn’t the only Philadelphia skateboard site. Sorry we can’t keep you up to date with every little thing that happens in skateboarding in Philly.

    Sorry for not living up to your standards. You must be the only person that has a life outside of skateboarding.

  3. You guys misunderstand my post; I meant no sarcasm at all. I am really psyched to be able to show up to an event and support guys like Jesse who are showing us all how to be an awesome human being and ripper all at once. And I am happy to sort this out further with anyone else who was offended in person at the premier.

  4. see. catching mad feelings over nothing….bottom line is…the premier is gonna be dope…so hyped for gush making a hot vid!!

  5. psyched for j clay and b terry parts. Hopefully we’ll get a brit hawk cameo in there as well!

  6. gruber????? No, it cant be……..If you make it to the premier ill shit a golden nugget.

  7. Wow, trailer looks sick!

    Some solid skateboarding, and the
    quality of the production looks really tight. Super-nice!

    I’ll be looking forward to seeing this.

    btw, best back-crook I think I’ve ever seen. :)

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