May 16 Benefit for FDR Skatepark

Flyer for 16MAY10 Benefit Delaware Josh is involved with the fundraiser planned above to be held at FDR Skatepark. Link to the post he sent me (with a direct link to the flyer) here. “Delaware josh, a very essential dude as far as building & ripping the park is organizing some skate related action for any & all to participate in such as a possible smoke bomb time trial around the park, spine contest & a janky micro quarter contest as well. also vert dogs, dont forget – we fixed up the vert ramp last year & its good to go, and for the mini-ramp champs, we’ve got you covered as well. we’ve also lined up some grub, merch/swap & most importantly some amazing sponsors who have put up a ton of awesome stuff for us to sell & raffle off & every red cent we raise on this day will go directly into the park. being a hand built park that gets used and abused as much as it does, it constantly needs repair, paint & of course, expansion is always a goal. just like the best custom sickle, its never done & always needs attention. so stuff some cash in your pocket for some killer stuff & to help us raise some loot for the park – strap your board to your bars or sissybar & plan on spending all day with the scum under 95 in south philly. it will be a day you will never forget.” Get down there and contribute! The park is looking great this year. DE Josh organized a cleanup this past Saturday that was a huge success. He said they painted pretty much everything and filled in cracks and uneven concrete all over the ground and walls. They still have to do a little coping repair, but the park is looking great from what I hear. Josh has been planning some new construction and expansion for this summer based on what proceeds they can raise at this fundraiser. I have been working to get a shipping container or other suitable storage shed down there so everyone can store their tools, equipment, and leftover material safely as this will facilitate renovations and expansion work like woah. Big ‘tings poppin’ this year in the Philly skate scene across all fronts so get involved! Contact Josh Marcinizyn at 302.528.0981 or to help out with this particular fundraiser or to contribute whatever you can to keep FDR awesome. A few hours of your time, some donated material or equipment, a six-pack or a couple bucks goes a long way down there…

6 thoughts on “May 16 Benefit for FDR Skatepark

  1. HAHA, I can’t even lie, I got a kick out of that one Ki. Manny pads aside, I hope ya show up. Let’s do the damn thing!

  2. That shit seems gnarly. I may come down, and film some of the madness. I dunno about skating. Events like this turn FDR into a shark tank, and I don’t wanna be the chum.

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