Static 1 on DVD April 1st

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  1. hope he dont make another vid. East coast is turin all in to wallies pole jams and lip slides on ledges. ur not being creative by doing easier tricks. what happened .. id like to thank pj ladd and josh kalis for never converting to the beat side

  2. I see a pattern with alot of east coast skating…at least around this region. Alot of vulc shoes (that all look like Vans rip-offs), flannels, excessive riding up and on things, plenty of lipslides.I’m not neccessarily dissing it. I’m just pointing out an obvious accessement.

    .Sometimes I feel like very few get busy. Almost like they have dummed down their skating on the guise of “evolving.” I just can’t accept it. I know we can do better. If I see a photo in a mag of someone skidding up a pole, who I know could easily do a better trick than that, I just can’t get hyped for it. (and i’m talking about the bullshit regular ass wallrides and pole jams, not that Koston pole to pole shit, or shit like Maldonado wallriding over the stairs at Love)..Or even worse, I am tired of the dumb photos of people pushing down the street…ok, I get it.

    I get how people think it’s fun and all, but it’s just not for me.

    On the flip side of that coin, it leaves room for people to stand out. If you AREN’T doing that shit…you will stand out. If your looking at it from outside the group. You will stand out. I’m not saying your line has to be like PJ’s, but I feel like we can do alot better than what get’s portrayed.

    Lastly, before I put the soapbox away, I could do without all the dramatic skate videos. Jesus, I don’t wanna cry after your part. Some of these dudes film there videos like they are trying to win an acedemy award. Give it a rest. We need that raw shit!

  3. These arguments are pointless and usually fueled by people who have yet to and will never figure out what skateboarding really is. Just go have fun on a skateboard and shut up.

  4. I’d rather watch lipslides, polejams, and tricks to those angled basement door thingys than Socal rail jockeys.

  5. I could really do without comments on this website that have been made over and over.

    I could also do without stupid rants that have already been said time and time again that are sprinkled with grammatical there/their errors and typos everywhere. Also, it’s spelled academy. Just like you complain about people dumbing down their tricks, you are dumbing down yourself with horrible grammar and spelling. neccessarily -> necessarily. accessement -> assessment.

    Publishing a comment with typos is like putting a trick in a video with toe drag. Most browsers will even underline your typos and suggest proper spelling.

    Josh Stewart has never put out a video I didn’t like. He is a really nice guy and a very skilled videographer. His video’s aren’t just pole jams and wallrides.

    Sorry if I am coming across all agro with this rant but in case you didn’t know, I broke my collarbone and will be off my board for about 6 to 8 weeks. I wish everyone would stop being so overly critical of everything, step down off their high horse and enjoy life and skateboarding.

    If you want to take your skateboarding so damn serious, fine. Save your high and mighty comments for your pro spotlight interview.

    Static 1 was and still is an amazing video.

  6. “His video’s aren’t just pole jams and wallrides.”

    “If you want to take your skateboarding so damn serious, fine.”

    Toe drags!

  7. True, my post had gramatical errors and typos, but so does my skating. I don’t really care. My point was quit bitching and being so negative and have some fun. Also, I like typing in a sling. The second statement still makes sense to me. You got me on the “video’s”.

    I like sloppy skating and footage, pole james, wall rides, flip in/flip out, tech, hesh, gnar, whatever. I also like fun.

  8. Heal up Finn…when you get better, lemme know. I will come scoop you and we’ll get a Falls Park sesh on!

  9. Heal up Jon! Worst time of the year to get hurt. I for one could care less about how someone else skates. We all have the choice to buy the board that has the name of our favorite skater on it.

  10. damn… i broke my fuggin foot and my name is jon. coincidence? i think not…code red to all jons!

  11. being a young new jack skating philly and pretending you hold down LOVE on plastic tip boards sounds pretty damn “HIP” to me penny.

  12. I remember when this premiered at Tampa AM,first time I saw a video on a big screen, good flick made feel even better for being from the East Coast.
    Everyone has their own opinion of whats good, progressive etc., it is all good and has its own merits it basically comes down to what you like and are able to do. A lot of people can’t do super tech tricks or intricate lines but that’s whats great we are all different and valid.
    People in this city will hate on anything and everything no matter what, Lord knows I know first hand about this, so if you are stoked F everyone else, you being stoked on skating is what is important because if you are stoked others will be as well. F the petty arguments, politics and BS that runs rampant in this city even amongst skaters, local media, certain “core” shops etc. at the end of the day can you say you enjoyed skating that day if the answer is yes your good then it was a good day.

  13. One more thing to
    “yes you are a hipster”
    If you are referring to that kid they call “Penny” that has been throwing down at Love lately and got that sick blunt in the new Focus, that kid isn’t claiming to hold down anything, that kid and his crew are just straight up amazing to watch, so smooth! Action speaks louder then your words. Those “new jacks” are holding it down, don’t hate get out and skate!

  14. WAAA am i really being accused of sayin that. dont they got IP adresses n shit on this site. look it up bc it aint mine…Only reason im seeing this right now is bc my friend greg told me i was brought up on here.

  15. By the way, Jon, do you drink a lot of soda? I know that stuff makes bones brittle.

    Injured time is a good time to shoot photos.

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