McCreesh Playground

I am very excited to announce that Franklin’s Paine has partnered with the Southwest Concerned Citizens in Mt. Moriah district in West Philly to develop a skatepark at McCreesh Playground. We presented a very preliminary concept design (special thanks to local Landlord legend Scott Kmiec) to the local community and received an amazing response. This concept involves two phases – turning the existing roller-hockey rink into a spined bowl and a connecting submerged street plaza with some block steps and china banks with cantilevered benches. The community was very interested in the overlook seating area in order to watch their kids and enjoy the space. This Project is still in its infancy but now that we have community approval we will begin fundraising. We are working to update our website to reflect the current updates, but in the meantime, if you want to get involved – please contact Claire at 267-402-2041.

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