Heading to Maloof

I’m going to miss the ribbon cutting ceremony in New York today, but I’m still heading up today to see what I can see today. I’ll be covering the contest Saturday and Sunday, possibly with a live tweet and occasional photo and video updates.

I would also like to point out that I have no idea what I’m talking about, and the Unisphere was never moved. The skatepark is located just south of the unisphere. The Unisphere fountain is going to be a working fountain. Thanks Nugget.

The spot where the park is being built is a little smaller than the globe area was and is another old empty fountain…

3 thoughts on “Heading to Maloof

  1. As terrible as it is for someone to enter a skateboarding contest, its infinitely times worse to go watch one, or to have the desire to

  2. It was awesome. I guess that makes me terrible since I wanted to go, had a great time, met friends old and new and am now writing about it here.

    I’m heading back there now for day 2, a little late. More to come.

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