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  1. I don’t want to be negative, but watching this contest on Fuel TV for a few minutes made me really question the direction of professional skateboarding and skateboarding in general. Theses dudes (who are obviously all good) are basically putzing around that shitty plaza at slow speeds doing super tech, one-off tricks. What ever happened to lines, runs and courses that made sense? This is almost like watching a freestyle contest.

    1. Maloof’s contest rules are different. Each obstacle is judged separately. Hence the different style of skating the contest.

  2. It is weird that they did it like that; where they combined the scores on three obstacles and lines didn’t count. I watched the first few rounds and everybody seemed really confused. I did see Macias and his Flyers hat on the webcast though, so that was a highlight.

  3. Lets face it, “real” street skating just isn’t cut out for contests. Everyone has done a great job of making the course and contest as true to real life street skating as they possibly could and we can all see that it just doesn’t make for a great spectator sport. Which is great! To me, it’s like seeing a lion in the zoo. You’re bummed for that dude. You wanna see him out in the wild killing shit. Not caged up, doing tricks for a bunch of tourist.

    It seems skateboarding competition only works in the head to head format. That’s why vert skating works so well. And why Battle at the Berrics has been a huge success.

    One more thing… This just goes to show that videos are not reality. These guys work for hours to nail one insane trick. Kids expect them to just turn the shit out. It’s not reality. So that’s why I’d much rather watch someone flow around a course and put together a killer line then nail one insane trick after 20+ tries.

    Just watch this and tell me where the real action is. Where the real entertainment is. Now I’m not Anthony. I’m not saying go vert or go home. I’m just sayin’, do you think anyone at Maloof saw anything nearly as insane as Mike Frazier’s run? Doubt it.,com_hwdvideoshare/Itemid,93/task,viewvideo/video_id,612/

    In closing, I think it’s awesome to see skateboarding so well received. To have a new park for NYC. And to have pros winning $100,000. That’s all awesome. And I’m sure it was a hell of a party. So fuck it.

  4. If you were there, it was epic. Hot as hell but fun. Shane O’Neill was killing it so hard and did not make it to the finals which was weird. His last banger down the big rail was not even on the Fuel webcast. They were busy filming Cole walking up the stairs, so lame. The evolution of judging street skating is still ironing out kinks. I was excited to see something different. If you hate street skating, plazas, ledges, what ever… good for you.

  5. “Go vert or go home”? How about just “going vert” every once and a while instead of the same thing OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER……..

  6. hey, well fuck all of you because I’m going to skate that shit next tuesday with the homies….so while you’re busy on here blogging about how skateboarding sucks so bad right now and corporation this and that, i will be enjoying the sweet nectar of buttery ledges….lurk on that shit.

  7. I think I’m on the same page as Friedman with this one. Which is scary.

    Oh, and Sean Malto RIPS!

  8. Btw, Scott, pretty good post. I think I agree with a lot of what you are saying too, but I think I also feel like even attempting to make a street contest more like legit street skating is a foolhardy endeavor. And the raddest street skating documentation (again, IMO) always came in the form of dudes cruising down the street hitting tricks on various things as they rolled on. Go back to Tommy G in Future Primitive, Barbee, Mike V, Natas, the Gonz…all had various video parts like that, and they were always appreciated quite specifically for the fact that it was more like real street skating. Skating down the street and putting tricks together. Or going fast even… Like Julien Stranger flying down a hill in SF and blasting that gap Ollie to tailslide. Or hell, Oyola on the streets of Philly even!
    Does a contest like that truly reflect real street skating? Maybe I am just too old now.

  9. So crazy when people say that street skating is the same thing over and over again. Real street skating in the streets means the spots you skate change as you move. When skating a bowl or ramp, it’s just that, the same thing over and over again. Also the contest format has been anti street for so long. It took the x-games years to even include a freakin’ ledge, just like skateparks!!! I for one skate way more tranny, as I age but I still remember what it was like to be a kid and only have the streets and the ramps I built. The world of skating is changing real fast, truth is you don’t have to. Vert skating has been the park design and contest format for way too long. Let street have it’s moment to finally get the attention it deserves. All those concrete parks are not going any where, thank god.

  10. Oh, by the way, you think this contest pissed you off… wait until you hear about Street League! Skateboarding will have a facet that is FULLY a sport with fantasy leagues and the whole 9. Dudes who compete in it will not even be able to skate in other contests (after 2011) by way of contract! Adam Salo wrote an amazing article that details it quite well… that’s gonna be a game changer.

  11. So many rules for something so stupid like a piece of wood with skates on it. I refuse to ever be bitter about the direction skating goes. As long as I have somewhere smooth to do it…I’m all for it.

    Again…going to Maloof on tuesday, wearing a pair of Dunks, may drink a Monster on the way, eat some McDonalds, wearing a Rogue Status t, while watching old episodes of Rob & Big on my ipod…..yup….selling out the whole waaaayyy…hahaha

  12. Heard some bad news about Maloof. (as told by someone who was there). You can’t skate it until next monday or Tuesday. The city has to do some “alterations” because some of the obstacles have been deemed “dangerous”.

    THey made a reference to the grate gap being one of them. And some other things as well.

    I am curious to see what the real outcome is gonna be for that place.

  13. I don’t see the point in driving 100 miles to a shitty skatepark that has the exact same angle iron grindbox/pyramid/stairs/rail/quarterpipe as the shitty skatepark thats 10 or 20 miles away.
    More importantly, I don’t see the point in going to a skatepark at all when you live in or near Philadelphia, a city with some of the best street spots in the world, and arguably the city with the deepest and richest history of street skating, ever.

  14. First off, if Philadelphia is such an epic place to live, how come people just seem to congregate (or at least try too) at Love Park & Cecil B? Where did all of our “pros” go? Why are all the shops in the city struggling? Traveling in general is a good thing. It takes you out of your element and tests your skills elsewhere. Plus, it’s fun. You get to meet new people and discover a whole new scene.

    I have been all over for skating. From the shittiest grindbox in some kids yard to some of the illest places ever…I have skated it all. And I wouldn’t take any of it back.

    As far as driving far to skate some “shitty skatepark”, all I have to say to that is…Good. I’m glad you don’t like it, nor plan on going.

    That’s just less people to get in the way of a good time.

    Maloof baby….LET’s GET IT!

  15. this is sick cause its gonna help empty out that chelsea piers park… that place looks sick

  16. you’re not getting my point, or rather, you’re avoiding it. pros, places where skaters congregate, skateshops… I don’t see how by any of those things you can decide whether a city is good or not.
    I’ve been across the country with my skateboard and a backpack 4 times, so I understand whats good about traveling and have skated some of the most fun spots in the middle of nowhere with not a skater or skateshop within 200 miles of it.
    I’ve also skated a grindbox in a kids driveway, when I was 14, and enjoyed it then. Would I enjoy it now for more than 5 minutes? Probably not.
    My point is what makes this maloof park any different than whitehall, or this falls park, or that other park dedicated to the kid who died, or haverford, or wherever? They both have the same grindbox, the same quarter pipe, the same pyramid, and the same rails and steps. Its no different than the next one, except this one is called maloof. Also that these obstacles are mere substitutes for things that are found everywhere around us. So, why is this one different?
    Arguing with what seems to be any of you feels to be a lost cause and completely pointless. Most of you are 99% groupie and 1% skater, and would rather talk about skating and skaters and pros and the scene, than actually skate. So your opinions on skateboarding are invalid to me. Ki you are an exception to the rule because I know you talk about skating and skaters so much that it would be impossible to skateboard more than you do that, the human body is not capable of it. But I know you skate a lot and that means something regardless and your opinion means more to me than all of these other dogs because of it.

  17. why would anyone wanna go skateboard? its stupid and we might get hurt. thats why we just talk about it. ANYWAY… how about that skateboard industry?

  18. My whole thing is that, it’s something different. I know you skate Zeb. You have been quite the fixture, so I give your opinions validity. That’s what up. But alot of things have changed. Philly isn’t the bread and butter it used to be. You can’t compare Maloof to ANYTHING around, like whitehall, city hall, temple…etc. If you could, they would have held it there. Ledges (at least half decent ones) are scarce. And you know that. Hubbas down stairs? REAL SCARCE. I should know, I drove and hour away recently to skate one. Rails? Yeah, those are all over, but chances are, there is something majorly wrong with them.

    When you have somewhere stress free, to master your craft, I feel you accomplish more. You learn a little more. You don’t worry about getting kicked out or arrested. You just focus on having fun. And you get better.

    I’ve put my time in, in the streets. I STILL do. But every now and again, I would like to skate something that is just flat out amazing, and not a bust. It’s like a treat of all treats.

    The irony about this all is that, if Maloof was a place, loaded with “No Skateboarding” signs and security guards everywhere, people would be all over it to skate it.

  19. Sorry cat finished last entry for me. 4th and bainbridge with traffic and everything. Classic teency manual island for which to get biz on. Like why give money to a nike rider to watch his video segment. Like he doesn’t have enough money already.

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