Mike Bouchard R.I.P.

8 thoughts on “Mike Bouchard R.I.P.

  1. No. This is horrible news. I have no idea what happened. Maybe someone who knows me can clue me in by email. I remember how crazy that guy was, full of ideas, riding for Sub Zero and Declaration. I worked with him a little bit on some board graphic stuff. This is really sad. It’s been so long since I have seen or heard about this guy. Rest in Peace.

  2. That dude was the definition of east coast style. never knew him – but whenever he would pop up in a vid part it was always “damn”…”whoa”…Rest In Power

  3. bouchard was cool as hell and would tell some funny stories. always good times skatin with him and laughin. RIP MIKE.

  4. always terribleto lose a fellow skater. say hi to shane fausto phil shao tim brauch and kenan milton for me bro. everbody pour out a forty and grab a kickflcip for this guy

  5. i cant believe hes gone…..i was always get so stoked to skate when i wached his sk8 vids…….. right know he is entertaint god with his massive bag of tricks just like his “THE BOOCH RIDE”…….have a good time up there……one day ill meet you bro……R.I.P MIKE”BOOCH”BOUCHARD!!!!

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