MIA by Josh Stewart

MIA Skateshop‘s first video “Welcome to MIA” by Josh Stewart is available for preorder. Watch the trailer or if you are in Brooklyn tomorrow night, stop by Enids and check it out.

“After decades of being slept on by the outside world, the Miami skate scene is finally allowed it’s moment to shine in MIA Skateshop’s first video “Welcome to MIA”. 8 years deep into supporting the Miami skate scene, MIA Skateshop spent 2 years of work and energy into creating a project that would do the scene justice. Owners Ed Selego and Chris Williams paired up with Josh Stewart to put together a video that would bring the amazing experience of skating in Miami to the rest of the skateboarding world. What resulted is a video featuring the skateboarding of Brian DeLatorre, Joel Meinholz, Ed Selego, Forrest Kirby, Ben Gore, Luis Perez, Paul DeOliveira, Danny Fuenzalida and countless others in what is definitely one of the most eclectic shop teams out. There are few skate scenes and cities with as much culture and flavor as the city of Miami. And MIA’s new video brings all of it to the screen with top-notch skateboarding, spots, and production as an added bonus. Welcome to Miami. Welcome to MIA.
Expected ship date is Monday December 13th.” -Josh Stewart

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