Mark Suciu Destroying Philadelphia

Mark Suciu may be from Saratoga, CA but he has been dropping all kinds of east coast footage lately and his new Adidas video is no exception.

Filmed over a couple of trips to Philadelphia during the fall of 2012 and winter of 2013, Mark Suciu makes his official debut for adidas Skateboarding.

Check out some of the stills I pulled from the video to highlight Mark’s skating along with Chris Mulhern’s amazing skill in framing Philadelphia as a backdrop for this part. Great work!

Also check out Quartersnacks’ 21 questions after watching this part. I don’t think quigon’s comment over there (

  • he just ended any debate on the “East coast is harder to skate than west coast”) has any truth to it. I feel it is more proving that Mark Suciu is a beast and isn’t going anywhere away from skateboarding anytime soon.

This post just backs up Chris’ quote on Theories:

I think Center City just looks so good in footage, so much better than most other cities. I think I’ve filmed/photographed City Hall a thousand times, but I still never get tired of looking at that building. And when you film a line at LOVE or Municipal, you have this amazing backdrop… you see that clock tower looming in the footage and you just know it’s Philadelphia.

This line is ridiculous.

City Hall still nicely framed in the background.

Even though people are saying they thought he was gonna hit the third rail this is still amazing. All three rails is on some THPS ‘ish but not far from a reality.


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