Have You Seen This Board?

solar system board 1

Around 1995 I got a new deck that had my most favorite graphic of all time on it. I believe it was a “Planet Earth” deck. As you can vaguely see above, it was a cartoon sun hugging a cartoon versions of all the planets in our solar system, including Pluto (back then it was still considered a planet).

Shortly after theses photos were taken this board was stolen from me outside of a hardcore show in Lockport, NY. It was the old, “Hey, mind if I try your board trick?” that I was still young and naive enough to fall for. I’ve always had the events of that day stuck inside my mind and always tried to find pictures of this graphic. I’ve described it to many people over the years with no luck of anyone every remembering the graphic even existed. I forgot I had taken disposable camera pictures of them.

Recently my brother found a box of old photos and sure enough these long forgotten pictures I took of this graphic have surface. I now have reference to show people with the hopes of confirming that someone else out there has seen this board. Even better would be to find out who the artist was and hopefully get a cleaner picture of this graphic.

What do you say, internet? Think you guys could help spread this post around and see if we can make this happen? Below is an approximately 17 year old picture of me holding said board. How’s that for a #throwbackthursday? Self bleached orange hair and extra baggy Tee and Shorts on a young haveboard!

solar system board 2

As a bonus to this post, watch Chris Lambert’s part from Planet Earth “Silver” video:


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