WTF Wednesday: Matt Pennington of Death Skateboards


I saw this video on the facebook yesterday & thought maybe we could start a new segment that will likely never happen again: WTF Wednesday!

I’m not sure what the Death Skateboards guys are feeding their riders but this guy Matt Pennington has a lot of crazy tricks and a bag of style to match, it’s no wonder he skates with Richie Jackson, doing more ridiculousness.

It may not be as ridiculous as yesterdays post, which would be a good candidate for another WTF Wednesday post but we are already past that. We’re at now, now. We can’t go back to then.

Shout out to Mike M. for posting this up on facebook yesterday!

Matt Pennington, ordinary madness – YouTube.

One thought on “WTF Wednesday: Matt Pennington of Death Skateboards

  1. Richie Jackson, Patrick Melcher, and this guy, Matt Pennington. Seriously, Death Skateboards is pushing skateboarding in new directions more than anybody else right now. Thanks for posting this video!

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