FDR Skatepark Cleanup and Maintenance Day

FDR Cleanup 2014

FDR Skatepark Cleanup and Maintenance Day.

via the FDR Facebook group(s):

We are organizing a cleanup and maintenance day at FDR skate Park.

For 12PM Sunday, May 4, 2014

It is very important for all of us to get together and clean our Park this time to look good. In order for us to have and keep a good relationship with the FDR Park officials. So we may have some leverage with them to make demands like keeping the car shows outside of our skatepark and maybe even keeping the scooters out.

There is a park wide cleanup scheduled for May 10th. However on that day when the Park officials roll up on our Park and see that it is already clean. It will make a big impression on them on how we can organize and keep our Park right.

We know all this information because some skaters have been going to the FDR Park official meetings at the Swedish museum to represent the skatepark and skateboarders on some of the issues we have there.

I will be bringing plenty of extra large heavy-duty trash bags and gloves (and beer).

Some of the other items we are probably going to need is some push brooms.
Shovels, Rakes.
If someone has a heavy-duty leaf blower that would be awesome.
A wheel barrel to move some of the larger debris would also be very helpful.

We may be patching some holes. So if you have some extra concrete, tools, or vinyl patch lying around your place or want to buy, bring it down.

Let’s get this shit done and show the Park officials how we organize and handle our business!

Shout out to Ricky D. Sr. for nudging me to update!

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