16 years of haveboard

current setups
my current setups

This week marks 16 years of haveboard being on the internet in some form, from geocities to “haveboardwillskate dot com” to haveboard.com! It also marks 16 years since I moved to Philadelphia. There have been a few lulls in publishing over the years but I’ve been getting back into the groove of posting more regularly.

Prior to that “have board, will skate…” was just a ‘zine me & my brother published out of Buffalo, NY. I appreciate everyone for their visits and contributions over the years. It’s still a little surreal when I meet people and they already know about haveboard.com. It’s a really great feeling knowing all the time and money I’ve spent to keep this thing going over the years wasn’t futile.

Stay tuned for some big plans I have coming for the site in the coming months but in the meantime, keep rolling!

roll forever
roll forever

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