The Gino Interview on Jenkem


Gino Iannucci recently left his long time spon­sor Chocolate Skateboards to join Anthony Van Engelen & Jason Dill at Fucking Awesome. Jenkem has the interview:

I’m on the net of course, but I can’t be check­ing out too much skate shit. There’s just too much, which doesn’t get me psy­ched to skate, it makes me want to throw the board in the shed. I can go on about this, but I’ll leave it at that. Too much of it and I’m jaded. I’d rather be a bit igno­rant to what’s going on so I can just do me.

Sounds about right.


The Annual Warehouse Halloween Jam is ON!

warehouse halloween flyer 2014

Never been to a Warehouse Halloween Jam? Want to relive the past Halloween Jams before the new one com­ing up next Saturday? Then dig through the have​board​.com archives!

And here is the info for this year’s jam:

Saturday November 1st, 2014 from 7 until 11pm for $10 you get Beer & Prizes & Fun. Costumes Mandatory!

1702 Alter St Philadelphia

Sponsored by Vans.


Bing Streetside vs haveboard

bing vs. haveboard

Some time over this past year I found myself skat­ing from Center City to South Philly and hap­pened to encounter the Bing Streetside car film­ing in old city.

bing vs. haveboard close up

I chased the bing car from 2nd and Market to 2nd and Chestnut or Walnut but unfor­tu­nately only the first glimpse of me has been updated in Old City as seen above.

Fortunately that same day on the same skate I crossed paths again with the bing car at 4th and Christian where I was able to chase it down for the entire block until we got to Washington and we had to part and go our sep­a­rate ways. That bit of Bing Streetside (it’s tough to resist the urge to write ’google streetview’) has been updated and I put together a quick video of the stills the whole way down the block below.



Temporary Autonomous Aggro Zone Closing Reception this Sunday


Phil Jackson has a show up this month with some other folks and the clos­ing recep­tion is this Sunday. It’s also a good oppor­tu­nity to pick up’s final issue of Borderline Retard since cops shut down FDR on the fourth.

I’ll be doing a zine release at the clos­ing recep­tion for the show Temporary Autonomous Aggro Zone at Marginal Utility in Philadelphia on Sunday, July 27th from 4-​​6pm. The exhi­bi­tion pairs my most recent work from the Ironbound neigh­bor­hood of Newark, NJ with Rick Charnoski & Buddy Nichols 1999 doc­u­men­tary film Fruit of the Vine. If you missed the open­ing or want to grab a zine in per­son, I’d love to see ya there.


New FDR Build Crew Shirts


The crew down at FDR has been hard at work on some crazy new stuff and they are rais­ing money to get it done. Gino mocked up some shirts and I helped clean up the graph­ics while Awesome Dudes hooked up the rush order to get them ready for the fourth. Catch Gino tomor­row down at the park and pick one up for $20.

Below are some pho­tos of the progress down at the park along with some other ran­dom shots of the park for prosperity’s sake.













16 years of haveboard

current setups

my cur­rent setups

This week marks 16 years of have­board being on the inter­net in some form, from geoc­i­ties to “have­board­will­skate dot com” to have​board​.com! It also marks 16 years since I moved to Philadelphia. There have been a few lulls in pub­lish­ing over the years but I’ve been get­ting back into the groove of post­ing more regularly.

Prior to that “have board, will skate…” was just a ’zine me & my brother pub­lished out of Buffalo, NY. I appre­ci­ate every­one for their vis­its and con­tri­bu­tions over the years. It’s still a lit­tle sur­real when I meet peo­ple and they already know about have​board​.com. It’s a really great feel­ing know­ing all the time and money I’ve spent to keep this thing going over the years wasn’t futile.

Stay tuned for some big plans I have com­ing for the site in the com­ing months but in the mean­time, keep rolling!

roll forever

roll for­ever