Pepsi Refresh for Philadelphia Parks & Recreation

There is another Pepsi refresh project we’d like to ask you to spread the word and vote for. Just like the Bethlehem Skate Plaza Pepsi refresh cam­paign, Philadelphia Parks & Recreation are ask­ing you to vote every day and spread the word:

Create an out­door recre­ation pro­gram for youth in Philadelphia.


  • Build 3 new neigh­bor­hood skateparks and con­duct 6 total competitions
  • Conduct 6 week out­door adven­ture camp serv­ing over 250 youth
  • Promote phys­i­cal activ­ity by con­duct­ing a youth race series in 7 parks
  • Purchase a 15 pas­sen­ger van to trans­port youth to out­door programs

It’s real easy, espe­cially if you are logged in with face­book. It doesn’t blast your face­book wall with any­thing either. Just log in with face­book and vote every­day to help get more skate pro­grams and places to skate in Philly.

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