16 thoughts on “Summer 2006 Chris Yourgalite B/​S Stalefish FDR

  1. where has he been? i herd he stopped skat­ing after JR passed. Chris get back out there! As ur first half black pres­i­dent i demand it!

  2. If I had a friend with that last name, his nick­name would for­ever be “Yogurt.” That being said, this pic­ture is sick.

  3. Used to skate this kid jr’s ramp back in schwenksvil­lle, pa. Yourgalite would show up now and then and make me real­ize i would never be good at skat­ing, chris has so much nat­ural tal­ent, so sick.

  4. i’m pretty sure chris didn’t care what trucks he was rid­ing when he did this. know­ing him, he prob­a­bly bor­rowed this board off some­one and just started rip­ping. the only dude i know that could do dou­ble kick­flip 360 flips. i watched this dude try to three flip the love gap one day like it was a man­hole cover, some­how he just would catch em and run out with­out loos­ing arm or limb. one of the most pow­er­ful indi­vid­u­als ever on a skate­board. if the world coulda seen the footy and pho­tos this dude copped in his prime„,phewww!!! another case of skate­board­ing coulda, woulda, shoulda.
    be easy chris

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