Chris Nieratko calls out the X-Games


Chris Nieratko wrote an article on Vice about the X-Games and his feelings on the state of skateboarding right now.

How are you not going to let Jim Thiebaud in and make him buy terrible seats when a ton of his riders are shredding?

Not letting Alex Olsen skate because he was ten minutes late du to L.A. Traffic? Ridiculous.

Not inviting Dennis Busenitz to the street contest? Really? Seriously?

<sarcasm>Did you see all that park footage there? Damn!</sarcasm>*

Made for TV my ass. Things happen, and if you want to be apart of skateboarding, be apart of it. Live television events can be difficult, but you can always shift things up and buy some time. Or let him skate, and just not get a score for his first heat.

I will say that I do kind of like the “Today was a good day remake” from Nike. With Ice Cube being involved, I feel like it qualifies it, regardless of how you feel about P-Rod or Nike.

*Dennis was only invited to the Park event.

4 thoughts on “Chris Nieratko calls out the X-Games

  1. Maybe Negrotaco should stop writing blogs on ESPN’s web site and taking their money…

  2. Yeah its all bullshit with those contests, but Nieratko is still a kook from dirty jersey. guy annoys the hell outta me. please, bitch some more chris, we all love it and care about what you think!

  3. That P-Rod video makes me feel like I’m playing San Andreas. None of those emcees can hold a candle (hold a finger? pull a finger?) to Vast Aire.

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