Roslyn Park Hours – Limited

From Rory (this is a disappointment to all. Don’t kill the messenger):

The township of Abington has decided to have a park monitor during all hours of operation at Pat Kerr skate park in Roslyn. In their infinite wisdom, they failed to hire these park monitors prior to the opening of the skate park. The result is that the skate park is not open 9 a.m. to dusk, seven days a week as posted. Instead, the park is sometimes closed sometimes open but not for more than 5 hours/day.

Hopefully this is a temporary situation and in the near future the park’s operating hours might cater not only to the kids on summer vacation but also people, like myself, who work Monday-Friday from 9-5. I know that many have driven to Roslyn only to find the park closed for no apparent reason. In an attempt to save some people the trip, below are the hours of operation for August that I recently found posted on the gate of the park.

  • -Monday the 10th, 17th, and 24th – 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • -Tuesday the 11th and 18th – 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • -Wednesday the 12th and 19th – 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.
  • -Thursday the 13th, 20th, and 27th – 10 a.m. – ? p.m.
  • -Friday the 14th and 21st – 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.
  • -Saturday the 15th and 22nd – 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.

*There are no times listed for Sunday in the month of August.
*There are no times listed for Friday the 7th – Sunday the 9th

19 thoughts on “Roslyn Park Hours – Limited

  1. retards in action…see what happens when you doubt that the park will ever actually get built….and IT DOES!

  2. abington is blowing it.. the only reason they need a monitor is to enforce the helmet rule. i’m hoping after a while they’re going to stop bothering with the monitors and just have the park be open at your own risk.

  3. Ask the fine folks who built the park just how cooperative the town has been with them. Amazing park under god-awful bureaucracy.

  4. Grrr… I could go tomorrow- not open. I can go on Sunday Mornings- nope not open…

    I get off work at 6 and can be there by 6:30 or so- again not open.

    Two Saturdays in August and no Sundays? Wha??

    SO on the weekends when all of the local skaters are looking to get there ledge on… they will have to go out and find other ledges that people dont want them to skate and was probably a reason for the park being built… ugh, I could go on and on.

    I stopped last week with hopes of skating ,it was closed. The kids had built a jump ramp in the basketball court next to it. As I was leaving there were more and more kids skating toward the park too.

  5. why bother skating here. kids are going to skate the shit outta the bedroom size park for the 5 hours on random days

  6. Well we’ll see how long this shit lasts. I doubt I will ever drive there to check it out if I have to worry about the place being closed. Lame.

  7. they got an attendent yesterday. guy skates so its not like hes some kook. and i like how someone says how people are gonna always be skating it and its crammed. its less crowded at all times then pops and its bigger

  8. cramitdafrog, I truly hope that you are a younger person that is going through one of those boohoo im angry, and the world is against me fazes, because if your actually a man, chances are your gonna suck at being one for quite some time. I also hope that your not someone im friends with in REAL life and then you go on your computer to talk your petty shit. Words cant describe how much of a bummer you are. If the people building parks like roslyn want to see kids learn how to skate pools so be it. they spent countless hours of donated labor to do something good for their community. you on the other hand spend countless hours sucking at life. What have you built? What have you accomplished? Im sure the list is shorter than your dick. So… if your up for it we will settle this the old fashion way, a dual. Any spot within the city of brotherly love. We have one week to film, then post the footy. If i cant completely shred you then ill apologize and shut up. People will find out who you are, can you handle that?

  9. cramitdafrog and pissed skateboarder don’t come if u don’t like it.Nobody needs your negativity at the park.Go skate at wall park,douchebags!!!

  10. whoa whoa whoa! whos takin my old post name? and second, I wouldnt want to wish wall park upon anyone!
    to jesse, fuck that guy, who cares what he thinks. less people there means more room for shreddin!

  11. There wont be more room for shreddin, because bitches like this will go there and skate then post anonymously about it. just calling a bitch a bitch.

  12. Greg,I’ll post as Danny to avoid any confusion.Jesse,I put some time in volunteering on different parts of the build so it’s kind of a drag to hear these kids complain about it ’cause we had nothing to skate as kids growing up in Roslyn.If they don’t appreciate it,let them stay home and play video games!The world’s full of arrogant kids who don’t know how good they got it!The kids that want to skate will come,and the shit talkers will stay home and be little bitches!We can skate until it hurts,then pound beers ’till the pain goes away.Fuck the negativity!!!I think we’ve got a great park!I’ve been in FLA for 2 weeks and all I found down here is 1 concrete park,which costs 8 bucks a day to get into,with a FULL PAD REQUIREMENT,and 4 parks like Wall,with shitty metal quarterpipes and a kinked rail in the middle.I CAN’T WAIT TO GET HOME 2 ROSLYN!!!

  13. I want to skate it, I do. Whatever. I’ll deal with the helmet. Why do they have to have such lame-ass hours? Does anybody have a schedule for September? I don’t want to drive an hour just to have to turn around. Goddamn. What a lame township.

  14. I’m hitting the road today to head back north.When I get back I’ll try to get the schedule and post it so no one has to waste a trip just to find out it isn’t open.I did see a few people talking to the township guy about applying for the “skateguard” job so the the park should be open more,soon.I’m driving from FLA so it will be a few days before I get back.

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