Is this skateboarding?

Do you think this is skateboarding? It was painful to watch.

I saw the following on twitter:

@tonyhawk im all for creativity and innovation but i just cant get into it. tricks or no seeing a grown man skate like a 4yr old isnt rad.

…and had to see what he was talking about. That’s when I read this:

This guy Almir from Slovenia has a unique way of skating: He is desperate to try the Megaramp. Deathwish or genius?

Then I watched this:

I’d love to see this dude’s attempt at the Mega-Ramp. I’ll bet it’s worse than Duffy’s freefall.This dude is no William Spencer.

18 thoughts on “Is this skateboarding?

  1. Weird. I thought I saw one or two of those “tricks” that you could say cool to. But come on, an entire part of that crap?

  2. You know how sometimes the Gonz hunkers down on his board and flows around but it looks natural and neat and pretty fun? This is the opposite of that. This is more like razor scootering than skateboarding

  3. Hey I am all for creative / Technical skating but this part was more of a circus act.
    I liked his part he did about 3 yrs ago better:

    It is a shame as I would have liked to see his tricks and style evolve in a different way but thats the skaters discreation, if anything he got people talking.

  4. Hahahah Zoli showed me this clip a few months ago. It’s definitely… different. I can’t really get into the on-all-fours stuff but some of the stuff he does standing up is pretty craze.

  5. If it’s on a skateboard, it’s skateboarding. I used to do that kickflip with my heel trick, we called it a retard flip! Those were the days.

  6. I agree the all fours shit is terrible. But it looks like he’s got some crazy bag of tricks. Mad dental bills from face first fire cracker.

  7. hey to each his own. it as long ashes nothurting anybody im fn with t. I mean Imnow to crazy aboutthis either. I have afriend who skates just like this guy and its painful to watch. I mean early grab this boneless that floppy fliptricks its all there

  8. watching paint dry is pretty cool too… this kid is destined to brake his jaw,nose,teef,and hell since he’s that close to the ground, Im gona say the neck too

  9. Wait, so there is no room for change in skateboarding. Got it. Lets just create rules, a point system and call it a sport once and for all.

    I’ve got nothing but love for anyone who rides a skateboard their own way. It’s your art, some times it’s ugly… but if you keep it up, you will shine.

  10. Ki, you still have an account on here. Why not quit with the thread jacking in the comments and make a post of it’s own about Asta?

  11. thread jackin is all the rage right now. I just watched this video again and i realized what bothers me about this ripper. It reminds me of scooters and those things are a damn shame.

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