ESPN on skating in Philly

ESPN has written an article regarding the proposed amendments to Bill 120534 that was recently put on hold.

At a follow-up meeting last week between Councilman Oh and leaders of the local skateboarding community, (Steve) Miller (of Exit) was again on hand, saying, “We believe that this is a sweeping generalization of skateboarders and it’s targeting skateboarders more than any organization or subculture that does in fact create vandalism — whether it’s graffiti artists or whatever it may be.”

via Philadelphia introduces a bill to ban skating on public sculptures and monuments with fines up to 90 days in jail – ESPN.

It’s good to see this entire situation in Philadelphia get more attention to more people and not just the skateboard and political scene of Philadelphia. Despite the groundbreaking of Paine’s Park recently the city needs to not be focusing on making skateboarders into criminals when it tries to say it wants to retain the younger generation. Skateboarding is a very positive thing for kids. If you don’t believe me then might want to read this article about South Dakota’s Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

Hat tip to Brad and Steve from Exit for the links in this post.


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