Jereme rogers back on board and on Skate Talk

So last year, Jereme Rogers retired from skateboarding to focus on his “rap career”, remember that? Well, that didn’t pan out as well as he planned and has now announced that he is “un-retiring”, complete with yet another horrible track.

Skate Talk had Jereme on as a guest back in December and they are having him back on this evening. It’s at 8pm pacific time (11pm EST). You can tune in here.

If you see this post and have any questions for Jereme, post them here in the comments and maybe I’ll call in.

[UPDATE] Hilarious episode! He goes to the bathroom with the mic on towards the end and you can hear him in the bathroom “naked gun style” practicing what he is about to freestyle. There is also some other activity that the slap boards speculate was him doing coke. It’s at around the 1h10m mark.

4 thoughts on “Jereme rogers back on board and on Skate Talk

  1. So hyped J-Ro is back on a board. He’s pushin’ an Aston, so you can’t knock his hustle. Roger that….roger’s back!

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